what is mids weed

What Is Mids Weed: Pros and Cons

Weed used to just be weed. There was good weed, and bad weed, and somewhere in between. Nowadays, legalization has added a bit more complexity to the classification of cannabis quality. Some of this nomenclature has to do with appearance or potency. While there isn’t a formal terminology set in place, price is typically a good start for discerning quality in the retail cannabis space. 

And yet, there is still a system of slang in place used by cannabis consumers everywhere that helps communicate the quality of a certain cannabis flower or product. One of the terms is the word “mids.” Well, now you may be wondering what is mids weed? From top shelf to schwag and the mids in between, here at Old Pal, we’ve got you squared away on some popular slang used to describe the quality of cannabis flowers.

Categories of Cannabis Quality

Not all weed is equal in the eyes of the beholder. Just like most things in life, preference and opinion have their way of creating favorites tailored to a specific individual. Some people prefer sun-grown cannabis flowers, while others enjoy the dense structure of weed grown indoors. Preferences aside, there are some guidelines for what exactly makes up a good cannabis crop. 

While most cannabis consumers can come to a general consensus on what is top-shelf, mids, and bottom-shelf weed, everyone has their preferences for personal consumption, and more often than not, they are at the very least slightly different. Now that we’ve got that covered, let’s get into some classic grading scales for cannabis flowers and what are mids. 

what is mids weed

What Is Mids Weed?

Okay, so what are mids? Mids weed, in a simple sentence, is not the best, and it’s not the worst available either. Cannabis flowers that fall into the mids category are quite often a pleasant experience for individuals upon consumption. Mids aren’t going to break the bank for most people going to dispensaries to buy their cannabis products, yet they still offer a level of quality that can be attributed to top-shelf weed. 

Physical Characteristics

Mids weed has a general list of physical characteristics that may have helped land it in this specific category. It can be all, one, or a combination of characteristics that aid in defining the quality of the mids. Cannabis that falls into the mids range typically has smaller nugs, less density, or it may even be drier than what’s typically expected of top-shelf weed. 

Flavor and Aroma

Mids are usually not lacking in the cannabis flavor and aroma department. Often mids can just be the smaller nugs of what would be considered top shelf. However, one difference that may be distinguishing a specific weed as mids, especially if the nugs look good overall, is that they smell and taste a little green. Mids weed can sometimes taste a little grassier than top shelf, with a more subtle aroma and terpene profile. 

Cannabinoid and Terpene Content

Two departments that may be lacking in your mids weed are the cannabinoids and terpenes present by the time it’s consumed. Mids are usually lower in both THC and terpenes in comparison to top-shelf buds while usually remaining higher than other products available at your local dispensary. Sometimes this is a huge bonus because you can enjoy an entire pre-roll to yourself without getting way too high! Every now and again, it’s just what you need to hit that perfect buzz.

Potency and Effects

Mids are usually lower in potency than their more expensive top-shelf neighbors, but sometimes not by much! Since mids are commonly priced lower than top-shelf weed, consumers can often afford to smoke more, reaching the same effects as they would in a more expensive top-shelf flower. And again, not everyone is looking to get as high as an eagle’s booty from flower. 

Average Prices

Mids weed can vary in price because it’s such a wide category, but a safe range of $25 – $40 for an eighth could be considered a mids price point. The best thing about mids is that you can find some mid-range prices and above-average weed at dispensaries.

Pros and Cons of Mids Weed

Just like with most decisions, there are both pros and cons to going with some mids weed for your stash. What you take in at a good price, you may give up some flavor, potency, or nug density.


  • Affordable Price
  • Decent nug structure 
  • Terpene and THC content at acceptable levels, sometimes better than expected


  • Smaller nugs
  • Less terpene and THC content
  • Can be dry or have a grassy aftertaste

Cannabis Quality Glossary

What is reggie weed?

Reggie weed is pretty much the lowest quality of weed available for cannabis consumers to purchase. You get what you pay for here, the low price means just about everything else is low. That includes terpene and cannabinoid content. 

What are beasters?

Beasters are slightly above mids and reggie. This category of weed quality is usually a great deal. It can often be less aesthetically pleasing or drier than normal top-shelf cannabis flowers that don’t meet the quality control standards for a particular brand. There is usually a small price bump up from mids for some beasters. However, the beauty of mids is that you can have cannabis flowers priced in that category that smokes like some beasters. 

What are headies?

Headies are more commonly known as top-shelf weed products. This category usually consists of some of the best cannabis available on the recreational retail market. One technical distinction can be made with the term “headies” in comparison to the general use of “top shelf”  when it is used to specifically reference top-shelf sativa weed, though the distinction isn’t always made in conversation. 

What is schwag?

Schwag is similar to reggie weed. They’re both pretty much bottom-shelf, you-get-what-you-pay-for weed. It’s not going to be terpene heavy, or high in THC content, but it will get somebody stoned. 

It’s Just Weed, Y’all

Here at Old Pal, our flower is affordable while retaining an attention to detail and quality. We know where we stand, and it’s with those closest to us, Old Pal joint in hand. Whether you’re at a gathering of family, friends, homies, or pals, our weed is perfect for enjoying with the ones you love most.

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