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Welcome to Old Pal, Illinois’ source for classic, shareable cannabis

We believe in weed for the people, that means cannabis ought to be accessible and affordable in the state of Illinois. So we’ve curated a selection perfect for any occasion, whether you’re new to cannabis or an experienced adventurer. Check out these shareable classics, and stay tuned as we bring more premium offerings your way!

Sharable Pre-Rolls

In the spirit of spreading the love, we’ve doubled up and stashed two pre-rolls in our handy dandy doob tubes. Spark one up for yourself, pass the other to your buddy, and let’s all bask in the good vibes of cannabis.

Ready to Roll

Take your shareable moments to the next level with our classic Ready to Roll. This kit has got everything you need to elevate any occasion – we’re talking 14 grams of our legendary pre-ground cannabis, plus some hemp rolling papers and foldable filters – all neatly packed into our signature resealable pouch.

Baked at Home

Cook up some good vibes with these delightful, vibe-enhancing goodies. Each scrumptious mix is infused with 100mg of THC, yielding 20 blissful brownies. All you need to do is toss in some eggs and butter, pop it in the oven. No fuss, just pure enjoyment.

Only the Best for Our Pals

Our products are selected through a vetting program, scoring the products in 10 categories. This enables Old Pal to provide dependable, best in class products.