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Welcome to Old Pal, Washington’s Source to Classic Cannabis

Old Pal is an ode to simpler times, when neighbors were close and folks knew each other by name. We are delighted to bring classic, shareable, cannabis to the lovely people of Washington.

Whole Flower

We keep it simple with our flower, just the way Mother Nature intended. Our first rate legacy cultivator partnerships ensure that our state compliance testing is always 100%, and give us the opportunity to provide classic legacy potency for a smoking experience that feels approachable for all. All flower products available in Indica, Sativa and Hybrid, and come in 1/8th or 1 ounce sizes.

Ready to Roll

Our Ready to Roll packs have everything one needs to elevate any adventure. Each includes pre-ground flower thatʼs been trimmed, sorted, and ground, unbleached hemp rolling papers, and crutches – and itʼs all packed into a handy resealable pouch. These packs allow consumers to be ready to roll anywhere without the hassle of grinders, broken joints or excess packaging. Enjoy our classic flagship pre-ground cannabis in ½ ounce or ¼ ounce sizes.

Cured Resin Cartridges

Experience classic cannabis as a deliciously dank oil. Cured resin is a plant-powered material derived from full flower that has undergone a drying and curing process to create the same strains you know and love with matured and developed potency and flavor.

Only the Best for Our Pals

Our products are selected through a vetting program, scoring the products in 10 categories. This enables Old Pal to provide dependable, best in class products.