Welcome to Old Pal

Old Pal was founded in Venice, CA in 2018 by two pals, Rusty and Jason. They came together to realize one mission: cannabis for the people. Today Old Pal’s premium cannabis products are available throughout the US. Our team of weed-lovin’ folks are proud to bring approachable, compliant, and pal-tested quality cannabis. Please peruse our offerings.

Ready to Roll

This half-ounce kit has everything you need. Our flagship pouches are filled with 14-grams of quality controlled, pre-ground whole flower – never EVER shake – and comes with a packet of hemp Zig-Zag papers and paper filters. Leave behind the fussy doob-tubes and bulky, sticky grinders, roll with us.

Whole Flower

Classic, shareable, whole flower – just like mother nature intended. We offer our whole flower in a variety of weights so folks of all walks can enjoy the same quality-assured cannabis. Eighths for the occasional weekend toker, Quarter Ounce, and 1-Ounce for those in need of a larger re-up.

Premium Pre-rolls

Approachable for all situations, Old Pal pre-rolls are filled with the same quality-checked whole flower you know and love and come ready for shareable fun! Our classic 2-pack doob-tubes have a half-gram of flower in each. And you can be the life of the party with our 10-pack Palitos, which include 10 joints with .35 grams of flower. Or go big with our 14 pack, which comes in a reusable clamshell package, with each pre-roll filled with half a gram of grass, the good times are sure to last.

2 Gram Infused Blunts

Heavily blunted and highly blissed – toke on a smooth, rich and flavorful infused 2-gram, hemp-wrapped blunt. The flower is specially ground to emulate being broken down by hand – just like the old fashioned blunts of yore. Then infused with THCa diamonds and live resin and rolled into a slow, even-burning hemp wrap. Every blunt includes a reusable glass filter for optimal tokability and no accidental scooby snacks.

Only the Best for Our Pals

Our products are selected through a vetting program, scoring the products in 10 categories. This enables Old Pal to provide dependable, best in class products.