Classic, quality Old Pal cannabis distillate in a convenient and safe 510 oil cartridge. These delicious and affordable vape cartridges meet all industry standards for extraction, and undergo multiple rounds of distillation, winterization and testing to ensure a clean and smooth smoking experience, every time.

510 Indica

Puff, puff watch your worries melt away with the high-quality Old Pal Indica 510 cartridges. Our easy-going Indicas are the perfect way to toke, chill, and live the good life. Find a strain that fits your needs today!

Select formulas available in CA + NV + MA + PA + OH

510 Sativa

Old Pal 510 Sativa cartridges will exceed your wildest expectations with an uplifting high that’s sure to invigorate the mind, spark creativity, and boost your mood. Find a strain that is right for you!

Select formulas available in CA + NV

510 Hybrid

Find balance and bliss with quality Old Pal 510 Hybrid formulas. Safe and convenient, our transcendent hybrid oils are great for when you need the best of both worlds. Check out our strains and find one that’s right for you!

Select formulas available in CA + NV

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