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Welcome to Old Pal, Ohio’s source for classic, shareable cannabis

We believe in weed for the people, that means cannabis ought to be accessible and affordable in the state of Ohio. So we’ve curated a selection perfect for any occasion, whether you’re new to cannabis or an experienced adventurer. Check out these shareable classics, and stay tuned as we bring more premium offerings your way!

Ready to Roll

Elevate any moment, anywhere. Every Ready to Roll kit includes 14 grams of classic pre-ground, whole flower, tucked into a handy resealable pouch. These portable packs have your back! Available in Indica, Sativa, and Hybrid strains.

Primo Blend

Unique and perfectly portable, this compact container is filled with Old Pal classic pre-ground cannabis that’s been infused with ground diamonds and live terpene sauce for a boost of both potency and full spectrum flavor. Complete with a small spoon inside for extra ease, this product is at the ready whenever and wherever you are. 3.5g of pure bliss.

Cannabis Oil

Old Pal cannabis oil products are made with a proprietary process that distills, refines, and winterizes multiple times. The final products are medical grade cannabis distillate and botanical terpenes. Every batch undergoes several rounds of testing to make sure you get the optimal cleanliness and target potency everytime. Our premium formulation is available in a variety of formats including: Luster Pods, All in One (disposable) Cartridges, and the classic 510 Cartridges.

Only the Best for Our Pals

Our products are selected through a vetting program, scoring the products in 10 categories. This enables Old Pal to provide dependable, best in class products.