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Welcome to Old Pal, New Jersey's Source to Classic Cannabis

Old Pal is a love letter to classic cannabis, an ode to simpler times. We are proud to bring our carefully curated selection cannabis to New Jersey. Celebrate the joys of cannabis with us.

Ready to Roll

The quarter-ounce kit with all you need. Old Pal’s classic Ready to Roll pouches include 7 grams of pre-ground, whole flower — never trim, never shake — and a packet of hemp rolling papers with filters. Skip the sticky grinders and bent pre-rolls, and get straight to the good stuff.

Premium Pre-Rolls

Double the cosmic bliss! Old Pal 2-pack Pre-Rolls are the same premium ground whole flower you know and love in a ready-to-toke joint. Every tube includes two doobs, filled with a half gram of cannabis in each, rolled up in even burning hemp paper with filter. Save one for later or share with a friend.

Palitos aka “Little Sticks”

Meet the Palitos mini pre-rolls, in Spanish “palitos” means “little sticks” but we like to think of them as our little pals. Crafted for those that want a quick smoke, Palitos are the perfect size for any on-the-go activity. Each pack of these “little pals” contains 10 mini joints filled with 0.35g of ground whole-nug. No trim. No shake. Just high-quality cannabis that’s ground and rolled for an optimal toking experience. Pull one out, pass them about!

Only the Best for Our Pals

Our products are selected through a vetting program, scoring the products in 10 categories. This enables Old Pal to provide dependable, best in class products.