Cannabis is Communal

Accessible, affordable, and abundant, Old Pal’s vision is simple: It’s just weed, man. Neighbor grown and meant to be shared, our cannabis is all natural, sun-kissed, and rain-watered. Available in three simple varieties: Indica, Sativa, and Hybrid - this is weed for the people. Old Pal is an ode to simpler times, when weed was just weed and joints were passed around to old pals and new ones. When neighbors knew each other by name and community meant something. So grab a bag of Old Pal and pass it around. It’s time we took care of each other.

Meet the old pal community

Sister Ceramics x Old Pal

Clay and creativity collide with Jenny Mulder

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Open Swim 4th of July Party

Soaking in freedom and independence at the Ojai Rancho Inn

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(D)rug Dealer - Mikael Kennedy

He shoots photos, he slings rugs, and he's always an inspiration.

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An Ode To the Backyard Show

The ultimate backyard party in Silver Lake California with our pals at Social Service.

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California Golde

Bikes, booze, and buds. It doesn’t get much better.

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Packing up the weed wagon for a trip out in the desert.

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Cosmic Collision Brand Odyssey

Weed, pizza, music and booze... what more could you ask for

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Virgil Normal x Oldpal x Free Design

Custom T-shirts with Free Design at Virgil Normal

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Taylor McKimens

A chat with the NY based artist.

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Big Sur Rollable Vacation

The destination wasn’t as important as how we got there.

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The Farm

We dropped in at one of the California farms that grows flower for Old Pal.

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It’s Shaping Up

A session with surfboard shaper Reid Lingenfelter

Photos by Christopher Morley

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Asher & Melodi

Asher Moss & Melodi Meadows take to the woods.

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