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Welcome to Old Pal, New Mexico’s source for medical cannabis

Welcome to Old Pal – an ode to simpler times when neighbors were close and folks knew each other by name. We are thrilled to bring classic, shareable cannabis to New Mexico and offer you accessible, affordable, premium cannabis. Grab your pals and come roll with us!

Ready to Roll

The Classic Ready to Roll is your on-the-go companion for perfectly rolled joints. With 14 grams of legendary pre-ground cannabis, hemp rolling papers, and foldable filters – you’re set to hit the trails, amplify the sounds of live music, or simply have a fresh joint at a moment’s notice. Grab a pouch and elevate your every moment, anywhere.

Palitos Pre Rolls

They may be little, but they are mighty. Palitos are the perfect way to share a joint with your buds. Each pack contains 10 “little pals” with 0.35g of delicious New Mexico-grown cannabis.  No trim, no shake – just purely dank buds in every pre-roll. Pull one out, pass them about, and let’s all savor the little things in life.

Whole Flower Eights

We keep it simple, just the way Mother Nature intended. Our selection of whole flower 1/8ths brings legacy potency and an experience that feels approachable for all. Sustainably produced the way it’s been for centuries: with little interference, allowing Earth to do its thing. Then scored and graded using Old Pal’s quality control process, to ensure your flower has low piece count, is well trimmed, cured, and aromatic. Gather your provisions and get ready to break or grind a piece of classic shareable bliss.


These special blunts were rolled with whole buds, THCa diamonds, and live resin. Each blunt is perfectly hand-rolled inside a hemp wrap, delivering a leisurely, decadent smoking experience. They’re finished with a reusable glass tip so you try your hand at rolling your own blunts with Old Pal flower. Every pull is smooth and clean, leading to a delightfully blissful high.

Only the Best for Our Pals

Our products are selected through a vetting program, scoring the products in 10 categories. This enables Old Pal to provide dependable, best in class products.