Closer Look at Our Quality Control

We want everyone to share good times and smiles with the best possible products. That’s been the way of Old Pal since day one, creating classic, shareable experiences with high-quality weed grown by our partners in states around the country. 

Whether it’s the meticulous design of our packaging or the testing and scoring of the quality flower inside, everything we make is crafted for optimal enjoyment for you and your buds. And while it’s easy to talk about our high-quality cannabis, we thought we’d take a minute to dive deeper and show you more about our quality control process and how we ensure you’re getting a safe, potent product that sparks joy and exceeds expectations. 

Quality-First Approach

As we’ve continued to grow and thrive in new states, it’s been paramount for us to have robust quality control programs across ALL of our state markets. That’s right, we’ve got strict and steady quality control for every ounce of cannabis in each and every state where Old Pal is available. And while we maintain a steady focus on quality, we’re also purveyors of value in everything we make and do–from the farmers and plants, to the packaging and design, to the final flower you get to enjoy. To help you better understand, here’s a quick breakdown of what value means to us:

  • Consistent Product Quality
  • Consistent Experiences
  • Accessible Price Points 

Our Value Philosophy

Our focus on value extends to our model that consciously uses the entire bud biomass to produce a range of products in a variety of consumption form factors. From our whole flower bags, to perfectly packed pre-rolls, to our Original Ready to Roll kit, each and every product in our line meets the highest standards for quality, approachability, and affordability–because we believe all people from all walks deserve great cannabis.

The High-est Standards Possible

For those of you that really want to get in the weeds, we undergo extensive pre-production, focusing on getting the highest-grade flower possible. We also incorporate a strict retention scoring system for our flower samples, as well as a quarterly report to document and share important data and metrics for our partners. 

Here’s some key ways we ensure optimal quality:

  • We work closely with our partner farms to select their top genetics that will be available consistently and will perform well throughout the seasons at our farms. 
  • Pre-production grading goes on a batch-by-batch basis to guarantee that everything being allocated and packaged is going to meet OP specs. 
  • Main areas that are addressed are trim quality, structure, bud size, and overall moisture content of the flower.
  • We ensure that the trimming is tight, that each bag hits our minimum piece count, and that all of the flower is completely cured. 

With these programs in place, along with great communication with all of our partners, we continue to see consistent and radical results. 

One Final Toke

Even though we love a blissed-out, easy-going lifestyle as much as anyone, we take our weed production and packaging very seriously. By working with the best growers in the best possible conditions, we will continue to produce exceptional products in all our states. We pour our heart and soul into everything we create, and we hope this look into our quality control helps you enjoy your journey with Old Pal a little more. Happy toking, pals!

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