How to Taste Cannabis Like a Connoisseur

Much like a fine wine, there are many layers and nuances to cannabis, and you might not even notice unless you’re paying close attention. And while we firmly believe in our slogan that “It’s just weed, y’all,” we also want you to learn all the many ways to love, respect, and experience this amazing plant. So, what does weed taste like? We kind of just put it into its own category. You know, weed tastes like weed. But there’s really more to it than that. If you’ve never thought much about how to taste cannabis, let us enlighten you about this exploratory practice of tasting weed like a true cannabis connoisseur. 

What Does Cannabis Taste Like?

How would you describe the flavor of weed? Is it earthy? How about fruity, floral, or nutty? Honestly, it’s all this and so much more! High-quality cannabis tastes like nature itself created a divine set of essential oils that only cannabis could deliver to our palate. And that’s exactly what happened. 

Some of its flavors aren’t even flavors at all but emotions, effects, and feelings. It’s relieving, soothing, relaxing, and joyful. Cannabis tastes like the feeling of taking a load off your shoulders or lying down on a cozy bed after a long day of hard work. It’s so much more than just a flavor profile….cannabis is an experience for the mind, body, and soul.

Mostly, we associate the taste of weed with other foods, plants, herbs, and species we encounter. Some strains taste like pepper or cloves, while others linger on your tongue like soft lavender or lilac petals. Other times the flavor is like diesel fuel or musky soil. It’s complex, to say the least. 

Why Does Cannabis Have Strong Flavors?

So, where does cannabis flavor come from? You’re probably aware of cannabis terpenes and how they play a role in flavor, aroma, and effect in each strain of weed. Terpenes are unique and bold, each with its own distinct properties. Myrcene is earthy with sweet undertones, while Pinene is astringent and robust, like a fresh drip of pine sap straight from the forest. Then, there’s Limonene that bursts with zesty, citrusy brightness like a freshly squeezed lemon or lime. 

Alongside terpenes are flavonoids. As the name suggests, flavonoids lend themselves to the experience of tasting weed. Like terpenes, they each have a specific flavor, and they also contribute to the actual color of the bud itself. There are many different types of terpenes and flavonoids in cannabis, and together, they create a feast for the senses as they merge and mingle to create a dance party of unique flavors for your taste buds. 

How to Taste Your Cannabis: The Process

Are you ready to learn how to taste weed? Of course, the first thing you need is some fine cannabis. Might we suggest some Classic Shareable Cannabis? Or perhaps you’d like to experiment with Palitos pre-rolls, or our extra-potent Special Blue. Whichever you choose, prepare your buds with love, and you’ll enjoy a bounty of rewards. We suggest joints or a freshly cleaned pipe or bong so you can truly taste the flavor. Instead of sparking the bowl with a lighter, use a hemp wick if you have some available. This will help preserve the flavor of the terpenes.

Step 1: Take a Whiff

Yep. The first step in learning how to taste cannabis begins with your nose. Before you grind and spark up, grab the herb gently and examine it. Observe all the wonderful nuances and colors. Can you see trichomes? What color are the hairs? Gently pinch the bud and inhale. Slowly at first, and then a deeper inhale once you begin to notice its scent. Notice the unusual combination of aromas. Can you pick up citrus? Spice? Skunkiness? Or maybe the forest floor?

This is also an opportunity to take a little taste. Just a pinch will do. Chew the weed with your front teeth and use the tip of your tongue to pick up even more flavor. Is it bitter? Sweet? Herbal? Take a moment here to savor the pre-smoke experience and let your senses soak in the flavors.

Step 2: Dry Puff

Before you light the bowl or joint, take a dry inhale. Puff on the pipe or paper like you would when taking a hit, but pull a bit harder and shorter. If you have a jar or bag of weed, you can also slightly open your mouth and place it over the opening, and inhale through your mouth. This is an excellent way to take in even more of the flavor. 

Now, that first citrus smell has deepened. Maybe it’s orange instead of lemon. Perhaps the spice has become ginger, and the herbal scent is reminiscent of rosemary. Some people say the dry inhale is the genuine terpene profile because the act of burning alters the pure taste of the strain. 

Step 3: Light it Up

Alright, it’s time to get down to business and spark up that wondrous weed! Take your time with the first hit. This is going to be the most flavorful taste of the session, so soak it up. Inhale slowly and let the smoke linger on your palate a moment before you fully breathe it in. Then, as you exhale, taste how it has changed on its way out. Always be careful not to over-light or overheat your herb. Just enough to burn is plenty. 

What do you notice now? Have the flavors become more complex, or are they further simplified? Notice how the rich flavor of “smoke” becomes an accompanying part of the profile. 

Top Reasons for Bad-Tasting Cannabis

There are many reasons why your weed may taste terrible. If it always tasted bad, then it may have been harvested too early or too late, or perhaps it wasn’t cured properly. Check for mold or signs of bud rot to make sure you aren’t smoking anything nasty, and if you spot any signs of mold, throw it away! 

Another reason your weed tastes bad is that it may not have been grown properly in the first place. For example, synthetic fertilizers or gnarly chemicals might burn your throat on the inhale. Sometimes even the best nutrients will leave an aftertaste if the weed isn’t flushed properly.

However, if your weed tasted delicious at one point and now is just so-so, you may not have been storing your stash correctly. Cannabis is incredibly sensitive to light, heat, air, and its overall environment. It’s best to keep your buds adequately protected from the elements so it doesn’t dry out and turn into a crumbly dust void of their once-delicious flavors. 

Smoke the Good Stuff

Your pals at Old Pal assure you that none of our bud contains any funky residues or harsh chemicals. Just clean, high-quality weed meant to be tasted and enjoyed for its exceptional flavor. We craft everything for optimal enjoyment, and once you’ve learned how to taste weed properly, we recommend you level-up and try this out with an Old Pal blunt. They’re tobacco-free and wrapped in a 100% pure hemp plant for an even more fantastic flavor. But, if you like a good, classic toke, take a moment to indulge in the supreme taste of this mighty fine plant. And you’ll be a cannabis connoisseur in no time!

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