Guide to Types of Pipes for Smooth Smoking

Smoking pipes are easy to pack and take with you anywhere, offering a convenient way to take just a hit or two or share amongst friends. Walk into any head shop, and you’ll see shelf after shelf filled with every shape, material, and color imaginable. But with so many different types of pipes, which one do you gravitate towards? If you’re torn, read on to learn about the various types of pipes, including the pros and cons of various materials. Plus, we’ll fill you in on something special we’ve been working on for you. Trust us, you’re going to love it.

Importance of a Quality Smoking Pipe

A well-made pipe will ultimately provide a much more enjoyable smoking experience. With optimized airflow, you won’t be coughing after a hit, saving your lungs and throat from needing a break. A quality smoking pipe will also ensure that your flavorful buds taste just as impressive on the inhale as the smell that hits your nose.

You won’t forget the difference between smoking on a well-crafted bubbler versus a homemade pop can pipe. Which we strongly advise against for a myriad of reasons. Fortunately, there are plenty of types of pipes to choose from.

Best Material for Smoking Pipes

Plenty of materials make suitable pipes, each with its own fan base for unique reasons. Factors like durability and how easily the pipe can be cleaned all play a role. Connoisseurs often keep several pipes around because some situations call for different types of smoking pipes. Some of the most common materials include:

  • Glass: Glass is the most popular material for various types of pipes. It’s a fantastic material because it offers so much artistic variability, making glass pipes a living art form. Yet, there are still downsides, such as its fragility. Even the most well-made glass pipe will shatter under the right circumstances, or sometimes even just a ding again the neck will cause a crack and ruin the entire piece. 
  • Ceramic: Ceramic is gaining popularity as a glass alternative for its versatility in art form. It can be molded in many unique shapes and offer the same features as glass smoking pipes. However, they are notoriously difficult to clean because you can’t see inside–and they are just as fragile as glass. 
  • Wood/Corn Cobb: This is a bit of an old-timey option but still exists for good reason. The styles used to create corn cob and wood pipes are classic as it gets. They offer excellent airflow and are incredibly sturdy and long-lasting if you take care of them. However, they aren’t the sexiest option available. 
  • Silicon: Silicon has become more widely available because of its incredible strength and durability. You can throw a silicon pipe against a wall, and it will be absolutely fine. However, not all silicon is created equally. To consider this an even remotely safe option, the silicon needs to be food-grade, which means that it’s certified as non-toxic and BPA-free. 
  • Titanium: Titanium is an unbelievably long-lasting material. On top of that, it’s lightweight, affordable, and looks sleek as hell. It’s also easy to clean and will not break no matter how hard you try. Basically, a titanium pipe will bring you a lifetime of smoking enjoyment.

You might be wondering why we’d tell you to avoid smoking out of a tin can but suggest titanium as a suitable alternative. Well, the truth is that titanium is an excellent material if you source the good stuff and craft it well. That means food-grade titanium with thermal properties to prevent your hands and lips from getting too hot when you hit the pipe. Also, the shape of the pipe makes a big difference in how well you can care for it to ensure your herb always tastes fresh. 

types of pipes

Different Types of Pipes

Material is one factor determining your choice of smoking pipe, and shape or design is another. There are tons of classic styles, many of which are designed for airflow and filtration, while others are purely for looks. There’s no reason why you have to sacrifice style for a smooth smoke! The pipes below are proof of that. 

Traditional Spoon Pipes

Yep, you guessed it – this pipe resembles a classic cereal spoon. The bowl is rounded at the end, with a flat stem leading to the mouthpiece. A carb on the side offers better airflow and an easy inhale as the smoke is drawn up the stem. 

Classic Cobb Pipes

This traditional style of smoking pipe has been around forever. The stem is slender and can be straight or have a slight curve that is essentially for aesthetics. The bowl is a bit taller and can hold varying amounts of herb, depending on its width. Originally, this style was known as a corn cobb pipe and used an actual corn cobb.

Swanky Sherlock Pipes

Sherlock is, of course, named after famed detective Sherlock Holmes. The design mirrors the look of the pipe that was often seen dangling from the side of Holmes’ mouth. They are lovely pipes, producing a smooth hit through their elongated, arching stem–plus you just look smarter while smoking them. The only real downfall is that Sherlocks are known to be quite fragile, so handle them cautiously. 

Easy One-Hitters

Sometimes you just need one good puff. Known as one-hitters, chillums, or batties, these are slim and small little pipes. They often resemble a cigarette but can be made of just about any kind of material. There is no carb, but you can still get a smooth hit if you inhale lightly and don’t torch your weed. The hole is just the right size to keep out pesky weed stems.

Steamroller Pipes

A steamroller is somewhat of a recycled bong. When glass blowers make bongs, the necks are usually the most susceptible to breakage. Rather than throw these pieces away, they are fashioned into “steamrollers.” They feature a long, thick stem with the bowl fitted on top at one end. The mouthpiece is open on the other end, and a carb is on one side, just like a spoon. Steamrollers are known for big, potent hits, so proceed with caution.

types of pipes

Choosing the Best Smoking Pipe for Your Collection

The pipe you choose is a personal matter. Do you want a pipe that will stand the test of time? Something simple for getting high on the fly? Or maybe something easy to keep clean and remove residue between sessions? Well, we’ve got you covered. 

We have been working on a collaboration with the fine folks at Dangle Supply to bring you the highest quality titanium pipe featuring precisely each of these components. 

  • Made with food-grade titanium, so you never have to worry about it breaking.
  • Small, compact, handheld design tucks away easily in your pocket or a small container the size of an Altoids tin.
  • Detachable stem unscrews from the cobb-style bowl so you can easily clean both pieces as frequently as you desire. 

Named the “Ti Cobb” pipe, this durable and colorful design was crafted in partnership with our pal Leo Rodgers, a radical cyclist that embodies everything we love here at Old Pal Provisions. Inspired by his vibrant “Florida Man” bike frame, this ultra-light, ultra-packable pipe was crafted for optimal smoking enjoyment–whether you’re ripping around town or just chilling with your friends.
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