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How to Make an Apple Pipe

In the heart of apple harvest season, Old Pal’s ethos reminds us that sometimes, the best things are the simplest. Just as our cannabis is all-natural and community-focused, so is the joy of creating an apple pipe – a throwback to days when a piece of fruit and a pinch of pot could bring pals closer than ever.

Tis the Season

As we revel in the festivities and the aroma of apple pies, why not mix in a little of Old Pal’s easy-going spirit? Crafting an apple pipe is not just a nod to our resourceful roots, it’s a celebration of sharing and togetherness.

The Nostalgic Allure of Fruit Pipes

Creating pipes out of fruits is as old-school as it gets. They’re a wink to times when all you needed for a good time was a fresh pick from the orchard and some quality bud to share with friends. It’s a method that has persisted through generations – simple, sustainable, and with a touch of creative energy.

Crafting a Homemade Apple Pipe

Let’s dive into the heart of apple-pipe making. Each step is a small ceremony, a ritualistic preparation that enhances the communal experience of sharing a smoke.

Here’s What You’ll Need:

  • A fresh apple, as sun-kissed as our cannabis
  • A pen for carving, like the one you’d lend a pal
  • A lighter
  • Old Pal flower, because good weed makes good company

Step 1: Remove the Stem

Begin by plucking the stem – think of it as uncorking a bottle of good vibes.

Step 2: Create the Chamber

For the second step, you’re making the central chamber. Punch a hole through one side of the apple and out the other with the pen or tool of choice.

Step 3: Punch the Bowl Passage

For step 3, no carving needed – nature’s design has done the work for us. Just above the chamber, use your pen to puncture a hole in the apple’s natural bowl indentation where the stem was. Ensure this hole connects with the chamber pathway. The goal is a smooth tunnel for the smoke to travel from the bowl to the chamber, setting the stage for the perfect pull.

Step 4: Load the Cannabis

Next, you want to gently pack your Old Pal cannabis into the top indentation, ensuring that you do not overfill it for the best smoking experience. If you’re feeling extra adventurous, consider mixing in other smokable herbs with your cannabis that might pair best with the whole apple vibe.

Step 5: Smoke Up and Master the Carb

Onto the climactic moment! First, take a look at the chamber holes you made. One side is for inhaling, the other is your carb, which you’ll want to cover with a finger while inhaling and then uncover to clear the apple pipe and regulate airflow for a smooth hit. 

Enhancing Your Apple Pipe Experience

As you master the art of the apple pipe, consider the atmosphere you create around this cherished practice. The right setting can transform a simple smoke into an unforgettable experience. Play some laid-back tunes, gather around a bonfire with your pals, and let the conversation flow as freely as the smoke from your apple pipe.

Best Flower for an Apple Pipe

Of course, we recommend Old Pal’s classic shareable cannabis! For extra potency, you might enjoy adding a bit of hash or kief on top. The natural flavors of the apple will complement the herbal notes of the cannabis, creating a taste sensation as rich as the company you keep.

Once your apple pipe is no longer in use, consider the environment. Our ancestors would have returned their fruit to the earth, a full-circle moment Old Pal deeply resonates with. Composting your apple pipe is not just an environmentally conscious decision; it’s a hat tip to the cycles of nature, a gesture that says, “thank you” for the bounty and the buzz.