Baked at Home, Host the Coziest Sesh Ever

Let’s be real, there’s an art to getting stoned. 

Few activities demand as much sensory attention. Most folks who’ve enjoyed cannabis for quite a while have likely heard a couple of phrases invented to help you hone your preferences. “The nose knows” reminds us to smell and consider any reactions before the toke or vaporization begins. Taking a “Dry Hit” allows you to pick up on any prominent flavonoids chilling in the trichomes. Every sesh includes engaging cannabis with all 5 of your senses. The levels of awareness unlocked by getting high, allow us to connect with and consider: what is comfortable, what is beautiful, and where these things intersect. 

Delightful aesthetics aside, the most important aspects of pot are all the folks you’re sharing with. Who’s invited – the homies, your fam, your dog, a loved one you always keep in mind? Think about every time you’ve seen (or been part of) the two or three people who peel off outside to start a blunt. Then, bit by bit, the circle grows to include nearly everyone at the party – even the non-tokers, passing but not puffing. 

Cannabis is inherently shareable, and who doesn’t want to be the hostess with the mostest? Even a solitary, meditative toke or edible alone warrants the proper cozy provisions at the ready. Care is cool.

Here are 3 tips we find helpful for a cozy bake at home.

Prioritize “Refilling Your Cup,” Not the “Curation”

Nothing hits quite like the first breath of cold fresh air after exhaling a plume of weed smoke. So our first piece of advice is to not overthink it. Just stock up on the good-good and invite your pals over. Let the quality cannabis take center stage, enchanting you and your guests. 

At the end of the day, the effort to make time together supersedes whether you’ve emptied the dishwasher or if they’re going to see a pile of wrinkled clean laundry on the bed. And honestly, if you’re antsy and longing for a sesh, you’re not going to become magically motivated to catch up on everything if you miss your friends and keep doing nothing about it. 

Remove the guardrails, and let it rip! 

The Case for the Wake and Bake

Okay, hear us out – making deliberate space for you to wake and bake is super worthwhile. A lotta folks can’t hit up Mary Jane first thing in the morning. However, if that is how you’re living, we love that for you! For those with the type of obligations that require 100% sobriety just about every single morning, consider utilizing a day off to have a slow, stoney morning. Early birds can watch the sunrise, and sleeping in is highly recommended for those with much-needed rest to catch up on. 

It’s worth noting that “wake and bake” isn’t limited to toking. Add an edible to your breakfast plate and then crawl back into bed with your favorite book or movie. Not a coffee drinker? Brew a mug of weed tea

Pro Tip: Next time one or many pals sleepover, propose a wake and bake style breakfast to keep the fun times rolling. 

Follow your Bliss

Cannabis is quite effective at teaching you what you need and like. Immediate needs come to your attention after the first couple of rips from an end-of-day joint. Cottonmouth may get a bad rap, but no one can deny that water hits differently while high. Listen to those vibes. Splurge on that rad candle or fancy incense, spruce up your weed accessories, rewatch or re-listen to your favorite stuff. Similarly to carving out time for a proper wake and bake: consider who and what brings you joy and then deliberately pursue it.

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Boxes of our original Baked at Home brownie mix hit Massachusetts dispensaries November 14, 2022. Our California pals will see Baked at Home hit the shelves late November! 

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