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How to Roll a Joint

There’s nothing quite like rolling a joint. It’s an iconic way to roll, share, and enjoy your favorite flower with both new pals and old pals alike. We believe that every cannabis lover should know how to create a perfect joint, so we’ve created a step-by-step guide to help you roll up your favorite herb with style and confidence. Whether you’re a budding beginner or a cone rolling pro, this little guide is a surefire way to hone your skills and elevate your next flower-fueled adventure.

What you’ll need

Old Pal Flower of choice
Quality Old Pal hemp rolling papers
Crutch (for joint crutch or filter)
Cannabis grinder
Positive vibes

STEP 1: Grind Your Cannabis

In order to enjoy your flower, you need to first break it down in a grinder. If the buds are dry, it should grind up with ease. You can also grind the cannabis with your hands or a scissors, but we recommend the grinder for its ease and consistency.

STEP 2: Create Your Joint Crutch / Filter

The crutch, also known as a tip or filter, is essential to any quality joint, as it adds stability and keeps that shareable goodness from falling into your mouth. It also allows you to enjoy every last puff without burning your fingertips. Simply start with a few accordion folds, then roll the crutch to the desired thickness of your joint.

STEP 3: Position Your Paper and Crutch

Hold your paper between your fingers so it’s curved like a little trough – make sure the glue side is up. Add the crutch to the end closest to your fingertips and leave the rest of the paper open for the ground cannabis.

STEP 4: Fill Your Joint with Flower

Gently sprinkle your freshly ground flower onto the paper, spreading it out evenly (we recommend around a half gram or gram). Try to avoid getting any on top of your crutch if possible. Now you’re ready to roll.

STEP 5: Roll Your Joint

Once you’ve loaded your joint, pinch the paper between your fingertips and begin to roll the paper back and forth. The objective is to slowly pack the flower down into a compact shape so you can roll with ease. Try to keep the joint taught as you roll it up.

STEP 6: Seal the Deal

Tuck the paper into a roll, leaving a small flap of “unglued” paper along the upper side of your joint, which you’ll tack down with a little bit of moisture (a small lick of the tongue will do the trick). Ideally, your goal is to get a nice cone shape, but it doesn’t have to be perfect – especially your first time around.

STEP 7: Twist and Finish Your Joint

Now that you have a beautifully rolled joint, you’ll notice one end is still open (not the crutch end). Grab a pen or something similar size and gently pack the cannabis to help ensure an even burn. After packing, you should have a small amount of excess paper at the end, which you’ll carefully twist to help ensure nothing falls out while smoking.

STEP 8: Light it Up!

Congrats, pal! Now that you’ve got your perfect joint, it’s time to spark up and pass around the good vibes.