How to Roll a Blunt: Step by Step

If your only experience with blunts is singing along with Snoop Dogg or Redman, it’s time for an education on this segment of weed culture. Although sometimes used interchangeably by those with less smoking experience, a blunt is entirely different from a joint or even a spliff. So, let’s dive in and talk about what exactly counts as a blunt, why we love them, how to roll them, and where you can buy them.

What Is a Blunt?

What is a blunt?

Blunts have a long history in the cannabis culture. Technically speaking, a blunt is essentially a hollowed-out cigar packed tightly with cannabis where the tobacco used to be. The wrap itself is made of dried tobacco leaves, and when smoked alongside cannabis it really packs a punch. They are fat and full of weed so they’re excellent for parties and sharing with pals, as they last a lot longer than a traditional joint.

Once upon a time, people would buy cigars and cut them open down one side, carefully removing the tobacco and filling it to the brim with finely ground flower. Then, ever so carefully, rolling it back up and sealing it much like a joint. 

Unlike the blunt, a joint is simply ground weed and a thin rolling paper. The paper itself doesn’t have a taste to it, and the experience is a pretty classic way to get high. A spliff is also a type of joint, but it contains a bit of tobacco mixed with the weed. You can expect a solid nicotine buzz if you aren’t familiar with nicotine’s effects. The same is true for blunts that are made with tobacco leaves. Nowadays there are a plethora of blunt wraps that are usually made with hemp leaves–including our very own Old Pal Blunts–so you can enjoy the wonders of a blunt without partaking in nicotine. 

How to Roll a Blunt

If you’ve ever tried to roll a blunt, you know it’s not easy. It takes practice, finesse, and a solid strategy. Here’s how you can impress your friends at parties and whip up a professional blunt. 

Step 1: Grind the Weed

You want a nice grinder for this. Sticks and weed stems can poke holes in fragile papers and wraps, ruining the blunt with little air holes. The goal isn’t to entirely pulverize the weed, but it should feel finely ground and roll easily between your fingers. You’ll need between one or two grams to fill the blunt wrap. Grab some of our Ready to Roll flower, or use up the last of your shake weed.

Step 2: Prepare the Wrap

Unless you are particularly drawn to doing it the old-fashioned way, we suggest buying a ready-to-go blunt wrap from your local dispensary, head shop, or convenience store. This is a great way to practice and learn the technique before experimenting with cigars.

However, should you choose to use a cigar, you’ll want to get a razor blade or other sharp knife. Slowly and carefully slide the blade down the long end of the blunt in a straight line. Once you slice completely through the side, use your finger to remove all of the tobacco. The wrap is somewhat sturdy but can rip or tear if you’re not careful. 

Step 3: Wet the Wrap

The stiff wrap will be easier to handle with a little extra moisture. You have two options here: lick it, or use your finger to “brush” water across the outside. The goal isn’t to soak it, but rather soften it up a bit. Otherwise, you’ll likely break it once you try to roll it up. If you accidentally get it too wet, use the flame of a lighter held an inch away to dry it up before attempting to fill it with weed. 

Step 4: Pack the Blunt

Use a rolling tray (or magazine) and hold the blunt wrap in one hand while filling it with weed with your other hand. It’s difficult to describe the perfect way to hold this, but it’s kind of like holding a cannoli. You can’t hold it vertically, but it’s not perfectly horizontal either. Find a position that feels like it won’t slip, but that doesn’t require you to squeeze it. 

Sprinkle the weed across the length of the blunt, press gently with your fingertip to flatten, and pack it in. You want to fill the blunt but not so much that it’s difficult to roll up. Leave a little bit of excess paper on both sides. 

Step 5: Roll it Up

You’ve made it this far. Now it’s time to test your skills and roll that bad boy up. You’ll need both hands facing palms up. Use the pads of your fingertips to support the bottom and back, and use your thumbs to press the other side towards your fingertips. Move the wrapper back and forth in a rolling motion between fingers and thumbs to help consolidate the weed, packing it even more tightly together. 

Your mission is to make an even “log” of weed without lumps or indents. If it’s lumpy or loosely packed it might run or not smoke well. As you continue to roll the wrapper between your fingers and thumbs, pay attention to the inkling that it’s time to seal it up. Use your thumbs to press their side of the wrapper onto the top round of the weed, and use your fingertips to curl over the top of this side, closing the gap. 

Before you press it together, you need to moisten the inside edge of the blunt resting against your fingertips. It’s easiest to lick it, but feel free to use a fingertip dipped in water. Then, press the moist top over the side covering the mound of weed and seal it up. Move your fingers up and down the shaft of the blunt to make sure it seals along the entire side. 

Step 6: Spark Up and Enjoy

Before you smoke it, use the flame of the lighter to run along the edge you just sealed. This will ensure that it doesn’t fall apart as it burns. You can also hold the flame to the end of the blunt to bake it a bit before you take the first inhale. Go slow, and don’t rip it too hard at first. It takes a few gentle puffs to really get it going, and once it does, you’re in for a beautifully potent, long-lasting high that’s like nothing else in the weed world.

Using a Blunt Roller

You can also use a joint roller to twist up your blunts. This does much of the work for you so you don’t have to perfect the art of rolling. You simply put your wrap into the device, sprinkle in the weed, give it a few twists and lick to seal. Voila! Ready to toke! 

Choosing the Best Blunt Wraps

This comes down to three options. First, buy a cigar and hollow it out yourself. Second, buy a ready-to-go blunt wrap made with tobacco leaves. Third, choose a hemp blunt wrap as a tobacco-free option. Try all three options and see which you prefer. 

Finding the Best Pre Rolled Blunts

Finding the Best Pre Rolled Blunts

You can find pre-rolled blunts at the local dispensary if you wish to partake in the smoking rather than the rolling. There are plenty of types to choose from, including those filled with hash and wax, or even blunts with extracts on the outside that are covered in kief.


Blunts are a blast. It can be a connoisseur experience if you’d like to perfect the art of rolling a blunt, or you can enjoy one pre-rolled and ready to share amongst friends. 

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