What is Shake Weed?

You’ve probably heard the term “shake” weed floating around your circle of stoner pals. Shake is unfortunately loaded with negative myths and connotations, as it’s the leftover leafy flower in the bottom of your baggie. While you may initially think these tasty little morsels are just ugly scraps and dust from your beautiful buds, they’re actually still cannabis — and yes, they can still give you a lovely buzz. Before you toss out that schwag in your bag, have a read below and see why shake is still a great way to get baked.

History of Shake

Like most of our obscure cannabis terminology, it’s still unclear about the exact origins of the word “shake” in weed culture. It is, however, a known fact that back in the days of prohibition “shake” referred to the leftover weed that fell off the lush, bountiful buds and stems.

Dispensaries Still Shake

Shake is often found in many pre-rolled joints at your local dispensary. Like any smart business, they want to get the most from every ounce of weed — even the stuff that may seem unsalvageable to the stoner snobs. Better yet, many dispensaries will sell some of their shake at a discount, which can save you some money if you roll a lot of joints or blunts. Elevate your shake with your favorite Old Pal flower and you’ve got an affordable high that’s good for the mind and great for your bank account.

Enlightened Edibles

Are you a budding cannabis chef? Shake is a great option for your cosmic creations, as the bud you use doesn’t have to be the highest quality. Instead, focus on getting high-quality butter and oil for your baking. Best of all, shake is pretty much the same as pre-ground flower from your grinder, so you can skip a step and make your baking experience a breeze.

Gravity Goodness

While we don’t recommend you test your gravity bong skills with Old Pal cannabis, we do recommend you try it with shake weed. With a gravity bong, you’re not exactly savoring the bouquet and citrus notes of your flower, so shake is the perfect product for your needs. Trust us, you’ll still get very stoned, and you can save your Old Pal flower for a more enlightened occasion.

Get a Lighter Buzz

Hey, not everyone wants to get high as a kite. Shake is an excellent alternative, as most stoners will tell you that it provides a more mellow buzz due to its lower THC levels. Plus, less potent weed in your joints means you can smoke more with your pals and not lose all functionality.

We Love Shake, But Don’t Sell It

While we are big fans of shake, we want to be clear that nothing in the Old Pal line of flower is shake – including our pre-ground Ready to Roll packs. All the flower comes from the same plant, with the larger buds used for 1/8ths and the slightly less-sexy nugs ground into the Ready-to-Roll radness. Old Pal weed is high-quality, all-natural, and pure pre-ground bliss.

One Last Shake

In the end, treat shake weed like you would any other cannabis. Just because it’s on the bottom of the bag or jar doesn’t necessarily mean it belongs in the bottom of your trash. Whether you smoke it or eat it, when you roll with the shake, you can rest easy knowing that none of your stash went to waste.

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