what is reggie weed

What Is Reggie Weed?

Some of us remember a time when the choices for buying weed were pretty limited. There was schwag, kind (or ‘kine’) bud, chronic, BC bud (which was also called ‘beasters’), and a handful of other slang terms indicating the origin or quality of cannabis. Top-shelf insinuates a product that is premium quality, while ‘mids’ falls somewhere in the middle, as the name suggests. But what is reggie weed? If you haven’t heard this term yet, let us enlighten you. 

What Is Reggie Weed?

Reggie weed is like ‘regular’ weed, but what does that even mean? These days, regular weed could be anything. Yet, most people think of low-grade or poor-quality bud when they hear the term reggie weed. 

Reggie weed is cannabis that has been grown in poor conditions, with little attention paid to the plants’ needs. It may have been harvested too late or incorrectly cured, resulting in a product that isn’t worth smoking or selling. 

Where Does Reggie Weed Come From?

Reggie weed, like most marijuana strains, is grown all over the world. Reggie weed has a reputation for being more common outside of legal states than inside them because of its low-quality nature and lack of regulation by state authorities. It’s most often found on the black market. You reap what you sow couldn’t be truer when it comes to growing reggie weed. 

Why Do People Smoke Reggie Weed?

You may be wondering, why do people smoke reggie weed? The answer is simple: because it’s cheap. Weed can be expensive, especially if you live in a state where cannabis has been legalized for recreational use. While that sounds like it would be the opposite, there are plenty of factors tacked onto the price tag of a bag of weed. State sales taxes alone can add up to 25% on top of the ticket price. 

On average, an eighth of good marijuana (or about 3.5 grams) will cost around $50 in states like Colorado and California and can go up to $80 per eighth, depending on the quality and type of bud that you’re looking for. If you live somewhere where cannabis isn’t legal yet (or at least not easily accessible), that price tag may seem even higher when you have to pay a premium just to get your hands on some good stuff—which might explain why so many people are turning towards cheaper alternatives like reggie weed instead of investing in their health with high-quality goods.

Does Reggie Weed Get You High?

There are a lot of reasons why reggie weed is so much cheaper than mids. It wasn’t grown with the love and care a good cannabis plant deserves. Most reggie weed is lacking in cannabinoids and terpenes, meaning it isn’t going to taste great or get you very high. 

How Much THC Is in Reggie Weed?

It’s hard to offer a solid number without test results, but likely under 15%. If you decide to smoke reggie weed, there are a few things to keep in mind: first and foremost, if the grower hasn’t flushed their buds properly (flushing is the process by which growers remove chemicals from their plants before selling them), then you’ll be able to taste these chemicals in your joint or pipe

This is not something you really want to experience, and it’s probably not so healthy. Also, it might give you a headache or a cough. If you happen across some reggie weed unknowingly and these things happen, don’t worry. Just pass on that grass and don’t hit it again. 

How to Spot Reggie Weed

Maybe you’ve never come across reggie weed, so how can you spot it in the future?

What Does Reggie Weed Look Like?

The color is the most obvious giveaway. Instead of bright, vibrant greens, purples, and a head full of trichomes, reggie weed is dark olive, brown, or tan. It looks like a dead bud without much life in it. It likely has more weed stems than better quality weed, though you probably don’t even want to use them for weed tea

What Does Reggie Weed Smell Like?

Reggie weed smells like grass, dirt, hay, or some other kind of plant matter. It doesn’t really have that sweet, skunky aroma that good weed is known for. Yet it might have a remnant of weed scent still in there.

What Does Reggie Weed Taste Like?

Reggie weed smells a lot like it tastes. It’s not a terpene-rich experience, so you can expect a grassy, hay-like flavor. It’s not something you want to smoke as part of a cannabis tasting experience. 

Does Reggie Weed Have Seeds?

It might have seeds, but that’s not necessarily true. You can buy high-end weed that might have a seed or two, and you can find reggie weed with none. Seeds are not a solid indicator of reggie weed. 

Is Reggie Weed Indica or Sativa?

Reggie weed can be either a sativa or indica, though most sources believe it’s generally sativa-leaning. Reggie weed isn’t really about the type of cannabis. It’s more about how it was grown and handled during its time on the stalk and the drying and curing process. However, there is a strain called Reggie, and it’s a sativa!

Reggie Weed Prices

The price of reggie weed really depends on where you live and where it comes from. If you live in a legal weed state, you’ll probably find reggie weed at half the price of mid-grade dispensary buds. But if you live in a state without legal weed, then it might fetch a higher price because there are simply fewer options for people to choose from. 

Reggie Weed Memes

Not to knock on bad bud, but these reggie weed memes had us cracking up!

Just Pass on the Reggie Grass

Why should you avoid reggie weed? It’s just bad weed. There are plenty of other options at much better prices, like all of our Old Pal flower. No reggie weed here. Just good old-fashioned cannabis meant to be rolled up, packed in a bowl, and shared with your pals. 

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