how to get rid of red eyes from smoking

How to Get Rid of Red Eyes from Smoking

There are a few side effects that are pretty common when you light up a joint and some are less pleasant than others. For example, the munchies are pretty great because there is no better time to enjoy an entire bag of pizza rolls than after a serious smoke sesh. Or, catching a buzz before a holiday feast? Yeah, we are still dreaming of that green bean casserole

Yet one of the more obnoxious side effects of THC is red eyes. It doesn’t happen to everyone, but if you are a victim of these pesky bloodshot eyes, it can be seriously annoying if you are not trying to announce to the world that you’re stoned to the bone. So, what causes red eyes? There’s a very simple answer, and we’ll explain that before we dig into how to get rid of red eyes from smoking.

Why Does THC Make Your Eyes Red?

The science behind THC and red eyes is simple. THC is a vasodilator, which means it opens blood vessels and lowers blood pressure. When we ingest THC, our blood vessels dilate and become much more noticeable. There are a lot of blood vessels in your eyeballs, and when they dilate against that pearly white sclera (yep, that’s what it’s called), it really stands out. This is what we refer to as “bloodshot” eyes, and it’s a well-known side effect of THC.

Now, you may be thinking, “But wait, I’ve heard of other substances that are vasodilators, like alcohol and caffeine. Why don’t they make my eyes red?” And you’re right! Alcohol and caffeine are vasodilators, but they don’t make your eyes red because the blood vessels in your eyes are only a small part of the whole picture. With alcohol and caffeine, the blood vessels in your face and other parts of your body also dilate, leading to a general flush or redness all over. But with THC, the blood vessels in your eyes are particularly affected, leading to that specific red-eye effect.

You may also notice that your eyes get hazy after smoking. This doesn’t have to do with vasodilating but rather a reduced blinking response. The THC in your central nervous system calms your physical responses while relaxing your body. So that super feel-good effect we love from weed also slows down your body’s awareness of certain things like blinking. The hazy, glossed-over look is actually just dry eyes.

how to get rid of red eyes from smoking

How to Reduce Red Eyes When Getting High

Say goodbye to red, glossy eyes with just a few drops of magic juice! That’s right folks, we’re talking about eye drops, the ultimate solution for those times when your eyes give away the fact that you’ve been enjoying some THC. There are plenty of eye drops out there that are specifically formulated to help reduce redness, so grab a bottle and forget about rocking those shades indoors. 

But, if you feel like you need a more concentrated effort, you can also try a DIY method like placing a cold compress over your closed eyes, or even using a pair of chilled spoons to massage the area. This actually feels amazingly good when you’re high. It’s like a mini spa treatment for your eyes!

Another trick you can try is to consume a little CBD with your THC. CBD is not a vasodilator, and it can help to balance out the effects of THC. Studies have shown that it can also reduce some of the less pleasant mental side effects, so perhaps it can reduce red eyes as well. CBD just might be the magic ingredient you’ve been looking for!

Don’t Worry About a Thing

In short, red eyes are a common side effect of consuming THC, but there are ways to combat it. Eye drops, cold compresses, and adding a little CBD to your routine can all help reduce red eyes. And remember, the effects of THC vary from person to person, so you may never even experience bloodshot eyes from weed. And for those of you who are worried about getting caught getting stoned, just remember, it’s not a crime to enjoy cannabis. Well, assuming it’s legal where you live! If all else fails, just say it’s your allergies. Works every time. Check out our selection of Old Pal flower anytime you need to re-up on some good herb.

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