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Old Pal Product Selection: Matching Moments with Mary Jane

Set and setting are so important to the cannabis experience. The combination of terpenes and cannabinoids interacting with your endocannabinoid system is what actually determines your experience, much more so than whether the strain is labeled Indica, Sativa, or Hybrid. Therefore, the quality and the form of cannabis make a big difference. 

In addition to those two factors, your endocannabinoid system is completely unique to you. No other person will experience the exact same high as you, but you can still enjoy a good buzz with your pals. So, the first step is to find a product that pairs well with your plans. Or, is it to find something enjoyable to do, then a product that fits? Either way, we’ve got an entire list of Old Pal goodies and the activities they pair with best.

An Old Pal Product for Every Moment

Are you a flower fan? A blunt blazer? Or perhaps you enjoy a ready-to-go pre-roll when you’re on the move. Well, the good news is that you can have them all!

The Original Ready to Roll

With Old Pal’s Original Ready to Roll kit, a spontaneous adventure is just a twist away. Loaded with half an ounce of pre-ground flower, this kit is a ticket to a prolonged escape, making the intervals between re-ups feel like a breeze. Its versatility shines when you take it outdoors.

The Great Outdoors: Ready to Roll is your companion for outdoor escapades. Whether you’re embarking on a serene hike or setting up a campsite, the calming and grounding practice of rolling up a doobie tunes you into nature’s symphony, making every leaf rustle and bird chirp a part of your adventure’s soundtrack.

Picnics: A breezy day, the warm sun, a spread of your favorite snacks, and Ready to Roll to ignite the joy. The casual setting of a picnic is elevated with a shared joint, sparking light-hearted conversations and a deeper appreciation for the simple pleasures of life.

Home-stash: Having Ready to Roll in your home stash ensures you’re always prepared for impromptu chill sessions. Whether it’s a quiet evening on the porch or a spontaneous get-together, its convenience and quantity are sure to satisfy.

Backyard Hangs: Gathering around a fire pit, sharing stories, and passing around a freshly rolled joint under a canopy of stars; it’s the making of a quintessential backyard hang that reminisces of simple, good old times.

Primo Blend 

Primo Blend, the bolder sibling of Ready to Roll, takes convenience up a notch. With ground flowers enriched with crushed THC diamonds and HTFSE, it’s a companion for cozy evenings.

Binge-watching a Series: The enriched blend of Primo makes every plot twist more engaging and every character’s ordeal more palpable. As you traverse through episodes, the hefty high keeps you enthralled in the narrative.

Movie Night: Whether it’s a horror flick that sends shivers down your spine or a comedy that has you rolling on the floor, Primo Blend is the perfect accompaniment to heighten the cinematic experience right in your living room.

Post-adventure Recovery: After a day filled with adventures, Primo Blend aids in unwinding and reminiscing about the day’s exploits. Its relaxing properties soothe the muscles and the mind, prepping you for the next day’s escapade.

After Work Wind Down: Transitioning from the hustle of work to the calm of home becomes a cherished ritual with Primo Blend. It’s balanced high helps in shedding the day’s stress and easing into a peaceful evening. Sweet dreams!


Palitos, a stash of 10 small joints, is perfect for sharing and caring. Often dubbed as “dog walkers,” these joints are your go-to for brief jaunts.

Quick Walks: Palitos are a pocket-friendly companion that turns brief strolls into a journey of delight. Walking to a party or just around the block, every puff adds a touch of excitement to your steps.

To-go Stash: Always on the go? Palitos fits into your bustling lifestyle seamlessly. A quick puff here and there keeps the spirits high, making the daily grind more enjoyable.

Waiting for your Table: Waiting for a table can be tedious, but with Palitos, it becomes a chance for a pre-dinner spark of joy. By the time your table is ready, you’d be in high spirits, ready to savor every bite.

Infused Blunt

For those special evenings, the Infused Blunt, crafted with premium ground flower, pure THC diamonds, and live resin, adds a touch of elegance.

Late Night Date Night: The sophisticated blend of Infused Blunt creates a serene ambiance perfect for diving into deep conversations, shared laughter, and forming a closer bond under the soft glow of the moon.

Going Vacation Mode: Kickstart your vacation mode by lighting up an Infused Blunt. The premium blend resonates with the freedom and excitement of a getaway, setting the right tone for an unforgettable holiday.

A Celebration for Two: Celebrate milestones, big or small, with the elegant burn of an Infused Blunt. It’s not just about getting high; it’s about cherishing the high points of life with a touch of luxury.

Baked at Home

Old Pal’s Baked at Home is a delightful concoction for anyone with a sweet tooth and a penchant for a gentle high. This easy-to-bake mix is pre-dosed with 100mg of THC, promising a consistent and potent uplift with every batch. Crafting 20 brownies from simple ingredients like sugar, salt, baking powder, and real cocoa, Baked at Home is a homage to simplicity and nostalgia wrapped in a euphoric haze.

Stoner Sleepover: Baking, laughing, and storytelling become the ingredients of a memorable night when Baked at Home is on the menu. As the warm aroma of brownies fills the room, so does the giggling buzz of camaraderie. The easy-to-share nature of these treats amplifies the essence of a stoner sleepover, where every bite is a passage to shared laughter and candid conversations.

Baked Brunch: Why settle for a regular brunch when you can elevate it with a side of Baked at Home brownies? These potent brownies add a whimsical twist to your mid-morning feast, making the gathering a hearty blend of chuckles and cherishing bites. Pair it with your favorite coffee for a unique twist on a hippie speedball, or enjoy it with a refreshing mimosa, and you have a brunch that resonates with jovial vibes.

A Special Gift: The holiday season is all about sharing love, joy, and perhaps a delightful batch of Baked at Home brownies. It’s a heartwarming, unique gift, especially when shared as a stocking stuffer. The act of baking these brownies can also be a joyful activity to do together, making the gift not just about the brownies, but the memorable experience of creating and enjoying them together. Plus, the simplicity of the baking process makes it a sweet gesture that’s easy to whip up, yet thoughtful and cherished.

Oil Cartridges

Old Pal’s Oil Cartridges embody convenience, making them the “Ready to Roll” of concentrates.

Chores around Home: With our 510 Cartridges, chores transform from mundane tasks to a meditative ritual. The steady high keeps you engaged and makes cleaning or organizing less of a chore and more of a therapeutic activity.

Study-break Treat: Studying can be taxing, but with a high-quality cart, your study breaks become rejuvenating respites. A quick puff helps clear the mind and return to the books with a refreshed perspective.

Sneaking Away from the Fam: Amidst the chaos of family gatherings, sneaking away for a moment of peace with Old Pal’s Oil Cartridges is a sweet escape. It’s a little breather that helps you dive back into the festivities with a smile.

Take Us With You!

With every product, Old Pal invites you to explore a world where cannabis is not just about getting high, but about elevating the quality of every moment, turning the mundane into memorable. We’re here because we believe weed can enhance just about every aspect of life when used intentionally. So go ahead, light up, and let Old Pal join you along the way.