How It Helps Me

Puff, pass, snack, dose, drink, massage or however you choose to consume, there’s no doubting that the long list of cannabis’ benefits are hitting critical mass. For the longest time, the act of getting high was rooted in counter culture but its growing popularity, along with new research and the help of state legalization, have balanced the perception of red-eyed stoners with an equality exciting wellness perspective; in fact, even athletes are turning to terpenes for a new kind of runner’s high.

While the Old Pal culture is free and easy, the adoption of cannabis consumption is becoming part of wellness routines for a number of people as a healthier way to manage a variety of human circumstances. With that, we’d like to welcome you to a new column called How It Helps Me where members of our growing green community offer up some ways in which cannabis integration is becoming a flower for their lives.

“In my own experience, a sacred, ceremonial relationship to cannabis, activated while engaged in my spiritual or art practice, serves as an instant portal. When utilized in moderation and with intention, this plant medicine allows me to release the often overactive ego mind, stepping directly into universal consciousness and the intuitive, feeling body.” — Artist, Lani Trock

“I truly see cannabis as my medicine. It helps me to not only reduce anxiety, but to replace anxiety with a greater understanding for how to move gracefully with my circumstances. Cannabis gets me out of my own way when my mind is overly logical, and helps me to play and be creative with my existence.” — Artist, Buckley

“When I quit drinking four years ago, I realized that my alcohol abuse had drastically affected my day-to-day life. Each day revolved around when I’d start drinking and most nights, I wouldn’t remember when I had my last drink. After reconciling the past, I looked to the future and began to use weed in a therapeutic way, trying to rectify my obsessive personality. I went from drinking every night to smoking only a handful of times a week. The right strain of weed helps me focus on my work in certain situations and a hit or two before bed enables me to sleep solidly at night. The challenge has been to push me to use weed to spur my creativity and engage with my inner self and not as a way to disconnect or deal with emotional pain. In a lot of ways, weed has brought me closer to understanding who I am as a person, shining through the cloudiness alcohol created, while still acknowledging that no substance will ever, nor should, fill the emotional voids we all have as human beings.” — Cyclist and Owner of The Radavist, John Watson

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