Weed for sale Ojai California

When people think about Independence Day, it usually sparks images of fireworks, flags, and all the questionable hot dogs you can handle. For us, it’s about doing what we like and enjoying the freedom to puff, pass, and roll in the California sun.

So it only makes sense that we headed to the mountains of Ojai, California for an epic 4th of July party, where we respectfully honored our forefathers with fresh flower, transcendent tunes, and a flurry of delicious cocktails. Graciously hosted by the Ojai Rancho Inn, our “Open Swim” was a complete success, as new friends and old friends lounged in the pool, danced in the grass, and shared a few joints in the Cosmic Collider. The ultra-cozy Chief’s Peak Bar had a range of fine drinks flowing while the Sisters of Sound wove a web of sounds that had everyone moving and grooving – including the dogs.

As the party came to a close, the sun dropped below the trees, the smoky haze hung over our heads, and we all toasted to an unforgettable Independence Day.

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