How it Helps Me II

Puff, pass, snack, dose, drink, massage or however you choose to consume, there’s no doubting that the long list of cannabis’ benefits are hitting critical mass. For the longest time, the act of getting high was rooted in counter culture but its growing popularity, along with new research and the help of state legalization, have balanced the perception of red-eyed stoners with an equality exciting wellness perspective; in fact, even athletes are turning to terpenes for a new kind of runner’s high.

While the Old Pal culture is free and easy, the adoption of cannabis consumption is becoming part of wellness routines for a number of people as a healthier way to manage a variety of human circumstances. With that, we’d like to welcome you to a new column called How It Helps Me where members of our growing green community offer up some ways in which cannabis integration is becoming a flower for their lives.

“My relationship with cannabis started nearly twenty years ago. It has since evolved and truly become my solution to mindfulness. In addition to helping me curb anxiety and stress, cannabis helps me to slow down in my everyday life and savor the finer things. Whether it’s creating art, surfing, or spending time with my family, I find myself immersed in the moment and ever-present.”

Educator/Filmmaker, Greg Powell

“Growing up, I was treated and prescribed for an ‘undetermined’ illness. At the age of 17, the copious amounts of pharmaceuticals ended up causing colon cancer and leading to the removal of my entire colon. Even after this procedure, I was still on pharmaceuticals as well as IV infusions. At age 23, I finally had enough of my body deteriorating and experiencing the side effects of these medications so I took matters into my own hands and ditched the meds.

I turned to cannabis and quickly discovered how truly healing this plant is. I am now six years pharmaceutical free and get to experience the simple beauties of life. Cannabis stops my stomach spasms, cannabis stops my nausea, cannabis allows me an appetite and cannabis has changed my daily life and happiness. I really could go on and on of the benefits not only for your body but as well for the mind. From anxiety to artistry, I am forever thankful for this beautiful life saving plant medicine.”

Filmmaker/GrlSwirl Co-Founder, Myriah Marquez

“I grew up in Santa Cruz and lived in Humboldt County for some years. Weed has been around me my entire life and it has never seemed mysterious. It sits right there with vineyards, brussels sprouts fields and kelp forests in the intertidal. I wasn’t really into it either, until more recently when I got so hyper focussed on work. As a professionally creative person, it’s important to have a completely different mode of creativity than the one I employ in my career. What I found is that weed is a nice accompaniment and facilitator to a lightly magical thinking mental space. I enjoy it when I hike, get outdoors and play with ideas that are just for me.”

Photographer and Filmmaker, Brian Vernor

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