Helping Veterans

Here at Old Pal, we believe in the healing power of cannabis. We also believe that everyone should have fair access to quality medicinal weed and that’s why we continue to work with and support Compassionate Care programs around the state of California. You see, despite being “legal” here in the Golden State, many people still don’t have access to medicinal cannabis – and while there are many reasons for this, the biggest hurdle is often cost.

While many individuals continue to struggle with cannabis access, one notable group is our own veterans. These heroes put their lives on the line for us and medicinal cannabis can be a huge support for many of the physical and mental conditions they experience upon returning home. Unfortunately, the lack of access often puts medical-grade cannabis out of reach for them, but thanks to Compassionate Care programs we can help get free products to the people that need it most – and that includes our veterans.

We know many of you are still unfamiliar with Compassionate Care, so we thought we’d shine a light on the amazing work these programs are doing to help our veterans cope with life off the battleground. Because even though we’ve made great progress in the fight for cannabis equality, we still have a long way to go. Thankfully, Compassionate Care programs are leading the charge and we’re proud to stand with them and our hometown heroes.


In California, Compassionate Care programs provide greater access to medical cannabis for those who can’t afford it – this includes HIV/AIDS patients, people with cancer, the terminally ill, and yes, our veterans. Back in 2020, California passed the Compassionate Care Act (SB 34) allowing Compassionate Care programs to legally receive donated products from growers and in turn provide free or low-cost medical marijuana to those who need it most. This opened up new doors for brands like Old Pal, Amuse, and Eaze (and many others) to work together and get medical cannabis to patients in LA and the Bay Area. But the good vibes reach far beyond California, as many states like New York, Colorado, and North Carolina have created Compassionate Care programs to give veterans greater access to medicinal cannabis.


We’ve created amazing partnerships with Eaze, Amuse, and Bay Area-based Sweetleaf to help get our flower into the hands of those that don’t have access or can’t afford it. So far, we’ve provided 3,339 8ths of medical-grade cannabis to those in need – that’s 26 lbs of weed and over 11,000 1g joints! By utilizing their platforms, services, and technology, we can better expand our reach and continue to provide more care to veteran patients around LA and the San Francisco Bay Area.


Everything. Cannabis has been shown to have remarkable positive effects on pain and PTSD, which so many veterans continue to cope with many years after they return home. After all they did for us, the least we can do is make sure they have access to free or low-cost medicinal cannabis that’s safe, legal, and fully tested.


You can learn more about Amuse’s Compassionate Care Program and Eaze Compassion.

And any interested patients can contact Operation Evac, Weed for Warriors, This Jane Project, Bay Area Americans for Safe Access, or Dear Cannabis for more information. You can also donate to many of these organizations, as well as Sweet Leaf in San Francisco.

Let’s take care of one another and share the healing power of Cannabis.

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