New Classy Biches Pre-Rolls

Few things compare to smoking weed while enjoying a stoner buddy comedy, so you can imagine our excitement when Lionsgate hit us up to create limited-edition pre-rolls to pair with their new film, Lady of the Manor — a supernatural comedy co-written and co-directed by Justin Long and his brother Christian Long.

Taking inspiration from the film’s laugh-out-loud storyline (and frequent cannabis enjoyment), these special “Classy Biches” pre-rolls have a unique sativa-leaning hybrid blend that will lift your spirits, enhance your mood, and make you smile from the first scene to the closing credits.

And because nothing beats sharing a pre-roll with your buddy while watching a good stoner comedy, we popped two joints into each doob tube. One giggle stick for you and one for a friend! Get the popcorn ready and buckle up for a high-spirited home movie night with Old Pal, Amuse, and Lionsgate.

These joyful joints are available exclusively at and and they’re sure to sell out. Get yours now!

Check out the preview and great ready for a night full of laughs.
Watch the trailer here!

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