Sister Ceramics x Old Pal

We love anything handmade here at Old Pal, especially when it involves mega-talented artists like Jenny Mulder and the whimsical line of clay creations she calls Sister Ceramics. We recently teamed up with her for a special line of goods inspired by the high life and built for those who want to bring some cosmic …

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(D)rug Dealer – Mikael Kennedy

Mikael Kennedy gives new definition to “jack of all trades.” He’s a photographer, designer, entrepreneur, and rug dealer. He also happens to be one of the raddest humans on the planet. From mountain landscapes, to high-fashion shoots, to his surreal Polaroid series titled “Passport to Trespass,” his shooting style is both intimate and inspiring. On …

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An Ode To the Backyard Show

They say music is the most emotive artform; it’s the stuff that makes you boogie, tap your toes or hang your head and cry. It strums our heart strings in every key and amplifies our lives each time we pump up the volume. Music is also the tie that binds communities ever since some cavemen …

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California Golde

We gathered under the stars at 1700 Naud to celebrate the new film from our friends Sandy Carson and Ronnie “Ultra” Romance, Jr. Aptly titled California Golde, this beautiful film is a technicolor fantasy that celebrates the magic of California summer, all experienced from the saddle of a few heavy-duty touring bicycles. Shot on super …

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We’ve put the legendary Cosmic Collider back in commission with a new motor, transmission and interior update, just in time for one more trek out to the desert. We’ll be setting up for some solid hangs with the Old Pal crew and bringing some Old Pal goods along with us. There’s plenty of room on …


Cosmic Collision Brand Odyssey

At ‘Old Pal’s Cosmic Collision Brand Odyssey and Liminal Launch’ guests from the Los Angeles creative community gathered to celebrate the launch of the classic shareable cannabis brand, Old Pal at 1700 Naud Gallery, also home to the cool clubhouse of Monster Children Magazine. Old Pal is rooted in an aesthetic that harks back to …

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Virgil Normal x Oldpal x Free Design

The location of the Virgil Normal shanty shop has always been a cool kids club house. Originally conceived as the Choke Motorcycle space that specialized in wrenching on rare mopeds, the small garage birthed The Latebirds moped army whose self-description reads like something out of a Hunter S. Thompson novel. Their adopted mantra reads: “We …

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Taylor McKimens

Taylor McKimens’ studio is a lot like an art funhouse; filled with bizarre relics, odd sculptures, stacks of amazingly obscure records, huge paintings, and LOTS of paint. The New York artist has created a unique style of work that seems to be a precise whirlwind of sporadic expression and refined technique. His colorful, psychedelic paintings …

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Big Sur Rollable Vacation

There’s something about a road trip that allows you the time and space to appreciate the trip. To really feel the distance you’re traveling, and take in your surroundings as you push along back roads and super highways. Like a tailspin voyage with friends that brings you to great places, and shitty places, and everywhere …

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The Farm

The amount of time and care that go into growing a healthy cannabis plant is incredible. These plants are temperamental, require loads of attention, and also require a truly dedicated caretaker to make sure that all is well. Cannabis growers have risked their livelihood for the past few decades to cultivate these amazing plants, contributing …

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