Keep Calm and Consume Wisely

Hi pals. It’s certainly an interesting time to be alive and we wish we were writing to you under different circumstances. The truth is, the impact of Coronavirus is knocking at our doors and we’re all admittedly a little uncomfortable and nervous about what it means long-term. First and foremost, we hope you’re all staying informed and taking the necessary steps to keep you and your family safe.

You’re not only our customers but also our community, so we’re checking in to send you some love and also to share some tips for healthy cannabis consumption. We know a lot of you will be puffing to not only pass the time but to also calm your nerves. If that’s your jam, please know that any sort of smoking while you’re sick isn’t the best idea so these tips are for those who are in good health. Please remember that this too shall pass so share the love and know we’ll all get through this together.


Even the common cold is transmitted through saliva so if you’re going to share anything, please make it a smile.


We all could use a little help from our friends right about now, but now would be a great time to encourage your pals to roll their own joints. If you extend the offer to roll one for someone else, please wash your hands first and use other methods to wet the glue like a clean damp sponge or cloth.


Sharing is caring but please puff and put it back in your pocket. That includes vapes too.


Some of you will work from home or keep to your core communities. According to the pros, large gatherings are probably not the vibe right now so enjoy passing solo time with some pot and your favorite podcast.

We’re all human at the core and taking care of each other during this time means being responsible about social interaction and also social consumption. Have faith that we’re working hard to do our part and we also thank you for doing yours.

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