Now in Massachussets!

Big news for The Bay State! Old Pal and our rad partners at Tilt Holdings are bringing classic cannabis to beautiful Massachusetts – which happens to be one of the hottest legalized markets in the country right now. In a state known for seafood, sports, and a little place called Harvard, it’s quickly becoming a hub for cannabis lovers and those seeking to dip their toe in the business side of weed.

If you’re in Massachusetts, there’s no better time to be part of this exciting movement, as this billion dollar industry continues to grow and grow. For us at Old Pal, we’re extra grateful to join the party, as we now offer some of our most loved products at shops around the state – including our 14g Ready to Roll kits and 1g 510 cartridges. And while we know there’s a lot of good vibes flowing around Massachusetts, we also know there are plenty of questions and concerns, so we wanted to help shed some light on the culture of weed around the state. Dive in below and enjoy a smarter toke on the East Coast.

Legal State of Weed

Let’s start with the basics. Cannabis is very legal in Massachusetts – both medical and recreational. But even though weed is legal, you still still need to follow the rules for how much you can carry. Massachusetts law permits you to carry up to one ounce of marijuana, and you may possess up to 10 ounces in your home.

Grow Your Own

That’s right! You can legally grow up to six cannabis plants in your home for personal use, or up to 12 plants for two or more adults. If you’ve got a green thumb, this is an excellent way to immerse yourself into the world of weed, as growing your own plant will bring you a bounty of rewards. And while you wait for your plants to mature, you can enjoy some Old Pal. If you have more questions about home cultivation, this video is a great place to get started.

Bud Business is Booming

In the five years since legalization, cannabis in Massachusetts has quickly grown into a billion dollar industry – and it shows no signs of slowing down. The amount of millions and billions being tossed around in the state’s cannabis industry is quite staggering. But it’s also incredibly exciting if you’re looking to open your own dispensary. Since November 2018 sales have grossed $1.45 billion, generating more than $90 million in sales tax alone to the state. Despite a slow 2020 due to the pandemic, Massachusetts has seen a dramatic uptick in 2021, with sales up 60% statewide.

Remarkable Accessibility

It seems like everyone in Massachusetts wants to get in on the weed game. Even though licensing can be a long, expensive process, that hasn’t stopped ganja-preneurs from getting in on the action, as the number of final licenses in the Commonwealth has more than doubled over the past year and a record 25 final licenses were granted in January 2021. On top of that, Massachusetts has 100 licensed adult-use cannabis retailers, so you probably don’t have to drive too far to find some Old Pal. And if you don’t drive, there’s an arsenal of potential delivery services that may soon bring your weed right to your door.

More Privilege and More Accountability

While we’re thrilled to be in Massachusetts, we also recognize that the war on drugs still has a lasting impact on the state’s budding cannabis industry. Today, minority-owned businesses make up only a small fraction of the hundreds of marijuana dispensaries in the state – but thankfully there’s some incredible BIPOC activists and dispensary owners, like Vanessa Jean-Baptiste, who are working to change the narrative. We believe there’s a bright future for cannabis in Massachusetts and we stand with all those fighting for more inclusivity and equity in the state’s evolving cannabis community.

One Final Toke

In just a few short years, the Massachusetts weed community has blossomed into a world of opportunity and positivity. Though there’s still a lot of work to be done for more equality and reform, many positive steps have been taken to help level the playing field and make our favorite plant more accessible to everyone around the state. It’s just the beginning for Old Pal and Massachusetts, so stay tuned for more updates and news as we expand to more markets and shops. Happy toking, pals!

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