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Cannabis Trends 2024

What’s Happening in Weed: Cannabis Trends in 2024

As we blaze our way into 2024, the cannabis landscape is shifting like sand under our feet, with new trends sprouting up faster than we can roll a joint. The world of weed is a kaleidoscope of change, reflecting evolving laws, shifting consumer preferences, and groundbreaking innovations. 

With states lighting up legislation left and right, cannabis culture is not just growing; it’s thriving in a tapestry of green. This year, we’re not just following trends; we’re setting them. As we inhale the future and exhale the past, let’s explore what’s budding in the world of cannabis trends in 2024.

cannabis trends 2024

The State of the Union

The US cannabis industry is hitting new highs in 2024, expected to reach almost $40 billion. This huge surge certainly demonstrates how mainstream cannabis has become.

Interestingly, the typical cannabis user profile is changing. According to Flowhub, 1 in 3 women over 21 are joining the cannabis scene, breaking old stereotypes and bringing new perspectives.

Economically, cannabis is a major player. The Flowhub findings also indicate that the industry is set to add a massive $115.2 billion to the economy. That’s not just good for businesses but also great for job creation and tax revenue that goes to local communities and state-level programs.

Legally, the landscape is evolving too. Adult-use cannabis is now legal in 24 states, reflecting a shift in public opinion and policy. It’s a clear sign that cannabis is becoming a regular part of American life.

As we dive into the trends of 2024, these numbers paint a picture of an industry that’s not just thriving but also reshaping how we view cannabis in our society.

Cannabis Trends in 2024

The cannabis world is buzzing with new trends in 2024. Each one reflects how the industry is evolving and how consumers are responding.

Pre-rolls, Pre-rolls, and More Pre-rolls

2024 is all about convenience in cannabis, and pre-rolls continue to rise as the second-most popular product category behind flowers. Cannabis lovers obviously appreciate the reliability of a quality pre-roll, and Old Pal’s pre-rolls are a perfect fit. 

Our Premium Pre-rolls come in packs of two half-gram joints, great for solo enjoyment or sharing. 

Then, there’s the Palitos Pre-rolls – 10 mini joints per pack, each with 0.35g of quality weed, ideal for social settings or quick sessions. Need a big stash to keep you rolling throughout the week? Reach for the 14-pack of Pre-rolls and stay lit. 

Both options represent the ease and accessibility trending in cannabis this year. And, of course, if you want to roll your own, Old Pal has you covered with our Ready to Roll resealable pouches full of pre-ground flower along with unbleached hemp rolling papers and crutches.

Super Charged Growth in the Hemp Market

The hemp market in 2024 is experiencing a surge. This growth spans across all product forms – smokables, edibles, drinkables, vapes, and more. 

The versatility and legality of hemp allow brands to cater to a wider audience, offering diverse products that suit various preferences and lifestyles. This expansion means more people can enjoy the benefits of cannabis, whether they’re looking for relaxation, wellness, or just a good time.

More Cannabis-Friendly Events, Lounges, and Networking Opportunities

We’d be remiss if we didn’t mention the new wave of cannabis-friendly spaces. People are finding creative ways to incorporate cannabis into larger events, from music festivals to art shows. This trend is about community and enjoying shared experiences.

Also, more cannabis lounges and private clubs dedicated to cannabis are popping up in major cities, like PleasureMed and Private Reserve in West Hollywood – offering a relaxed environment for enthusiasts to gather. 

These venues are more than just places to consume. They’re hubs for socializing, networking, and immersing in cannabis culture.

The rise in events and lounges also means more opportunities to enter the cannabis industry. Whether it’s at a product launch party in Los Angeles or a cannabis business conference in Denver, these gatherings are hotspots for making connections and staying ahead in the green wave.

Massive Growth on the East Coast

The East Coast is rapidly becoming a major player in the cannabis scene. With numerous states legalizing cannabis in recent years, we’re witnessing an explosion of new shops and a vibrant market. States like Massachusetts, Maryland, Pennsylvania, and New York are at the forefront, with Old Pal establishing a solid presence in these areas. And, up next: New Jersey!

This growth represents cultural acceptance and the normalization of cannabis. It’s exciting to see how new markets embrace cannabis, offering a wide range of products and experiences to consumers.

Looking ahead, we might see more states joining the green rush in 2024. This expansion signifies not just the growing acceptance of cannabis but also the potential for new opportunities, innovations, and community developments in the industry.

For the record, states that might see adult-use cannabis on the ballot this year include Florida, Hawaii, New Hampshire, Pennsylvania, and South Dakota (again!). And let’s not forget about states that might see medical cannabis progress this year: Nebraska, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Wisconsin.

If you live in any of these states, find out how you can support the cause!

One Final Toke

As we round up our look at the 2024 cannabis trends, it’s evident that the industry is on an exciting trajectory. Our beloved industry is growing while cannabis culture is thriving and evolving.

It’s a great time to be part of this community, whether you’re in it for business, pleasure, or a bit of both. Remember, no matter how the cannabis scene changes, Old Pal is right there with you for the ride. So, keep exploring, stay connected, and enjoy the journey as we navigate the ever-green landscape of 2024.