What’s On Your Tray

As the cannabis world grows, so does your collection of puffing paraphernalia. From papers, to vapes, to flower, to the inspirational material you’ve acquired from your favorite high-minded magazine. That’s why every good stoner needs a quality tray to store their goods in one place. Not only does it keep your stash in order, but it also speaks volumes to your herbaceous personality. Do you keep a camera next to your Sativa for when inspiration strikes? Or are you a sucker for handcrafted goods that elevate your home and your buzz?

Here at Old Pal, we appreciate the art of a good platter filled with doobie delights, so we curated a collection of trays built around flower-fueled personalities of all shapes and sizes. Whether you are a wake-and-baker, backyard toker, or midnight smoker, this list will help take your weed tray to the next level.


You love to relax outside (safely) and savor the dankness of high-quality pre-ground flower with our 5g Ready to Roll kit. Bring a good book like “Little Fires Everywhere,” roll out your Old Pal x Slowtide Blanket, and get high in the sunshine.

Also pictured: Sackville & Co. joint carrier, Fujifilm Instax camera, Mainsai rucksack, Birkenstock Arizona sandals.


You know how to make the most of self-isolation with some quality pool time with high-quality flower. Stay elevated and enlightened with our 14g Ready to Roll kit and cultural materials like the Monocle Travel Guide — you know, for when it’s safe to fly again.

Also pictured: Stonedware ceramic pipe, “New Ways of Doing Nothing” exhibition book, and Old Pal lighter case.


Morning to night, this tray speaks to the guy who smokes before everything — from eating, to surfing, to watching every episode of “The Last Dance” (again). With a full ounce of quality Old Pal flower (available in NV, coming soon to CA), you’ve got endless options, including homemade edibles after you take a few rips from your favorite ganja gadget: the Volcano Vaporizer. This tray is a slam dunk, no matter how you look at it.

Also pictured: Franchise Magazine, Mister Green “Bong Water” glass, Legalize Humanity print, and Rohto eye drops.


A weed “purist” at heart, you surround yourself with the finest plants, pottery, and healing gems — including our 1/8th bag of Indica and a SISTER CERAMICS stash jar made from New Mexico clay. You even have an abalone shell to stage your weed before grinding because you are continuously in touch with both land and sea.

Also pictured: Summerland ceramic bong, Old Pal incense, and Utah Honeycomb Calcite.


While everybody is a homebody nowadays (thank you covid-19), you take wake-and-baking to the next level with your Chemex coffee maker, Ram Dass book, and some Old Pal Sativa for your favorite vape pen. Less time rolling joints means more time to spend on your new “Smoke & Petals” puzzle from Broccoli Magazine.

Also pictured: Old Pal x SISTER CERAMICS ashtray, “Found: The Rolling Stones” book, Stumptown coffee, and Old Pal “Share the Stoke” mug.


We all need a vacation right about now, but you know how to bring paradise to your home with the Old Pal Vacation Vape a bottle of Madre Mezcal, and your favorite stoner magazine. Stir up a cocktail, throw out your Old Pal x Slowtide beach towel, and getaway from it all.

Not pictured: a good pal who is now tripping on another wavelength.


Got a toking tray that’s budding with inspiration? Share your stash and tag us @oldpal.

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