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Oh hey, Ohio!

Ohio has more than its fair share of radical icons: from Lebron James to Skyline Chili to the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame. And now it has one more: Old Pal!

That’s right y’all, we’re officially available in select stores around Ohio thanks to our partners at Buckeye Relief, and we couldn’t be more excited. Since the legalization of medical marijuana in 2016, Ohio has had its fair share of ups and downs with the cannabis marketplace. But lately business has been booming as the scene starts to hit its stride with more dispensaries opening and more people actively seeking the wondrous benefits of cannabis. It’s a special time to get into the Ohio market, so we want to give you some insights into the current state of weed in Ohio (for both residents and non-residents).

If you’re in Ohio, make sure to swing into your local shop and grab our 14g pack of Classic Ground Cannabis. Or, if you have a friend in Ohio, pass this along to them and share the good vibes.

Medicinal, Not Recreational (Yet)

In Ohio, you can only purchase weed at state-licensed dispensaries if you’re a “qualified patient” – and you’ll need at least one of 23 qualifying conditions to get a doctor’s recommendation to purchase marijuana. Patients can purchase up between 5oz and 8oz of flower within a 90 day period depending on potency.

While some may roll their eyes at the legal hoops, it’s actually a great step for a state that’s among the top five states with the highest rates of opioid-related overdose deaths. It should also be noted that those who aren’t registered with the Medical Marijuana Control Program, possession of less than 100 grams (3.5 ounces) of cannabis is considered a minor misdemeanor punishable by a fine of up to $150. We want everyone in Ohio to enjoy Old Pal safely, so make sure to follow the rules and you’ll be spreading good vibes in no time.

Growing Big

As we mentioned above, cannabis sales continue to grow at an exponential rate. It’s a state budding with cannabis-fueled opportunities, and the demand for a healthy high seems to rise on a daily basis. In 2025, BDSA estimates sales will grow to $820 million combined, and surge to $1.65 billion in 2027, which would make Ohio the fastest-growing legal cannabis market in the U.S. The sky’s the limit for Ohio, so whether you’re dreaming of opening your own dispensary or just keeping your head in the clouds with some Old Pal, it’s a pretty magical place to be right now.

Expanding More Than Minds

Along with the blooming revenues, Ohio is also in the midst of a huge cannabis expansion for dispensaries and growers! Regulators are approving vertical growing for existing licensees, and many expect the number of dispensaries to double in the next year – which means more product and way more access coming in 2022! And yes, it means easier access to your favorite Old Pal delights.

“Tenth” is the New “Eighth”

Few things are as ubiquitous with cannabis as the eighth. Well, except in Ohio, where all cannabis flower is sold in 1/10th oz. (2.83g) increments. The regulatory quirk has quickly become known as the “Ohio Tenth” – giving Ohio residents a little extra something to be proud of.

Different Tokes for Ohio Folks

How you enjoy your weed is extra important in Ohio, as state regulations don’t allow you to roll joints with your favorite Old Pal flower. You see, even though flower is legal, smoking cannabis in a joint is not, so you’ll need to get your high with a vaporizer or edibles.

One Last Thing

Ohio is a land ripe for higher opportunities. But it’s also a place where cannabis is still relatively new, so we recommend you follow all state guidelines and enjoy your cannabis safely and responsibly. Who knows, if demand keeps growing, recreational weed might soon be a reality – which means more opportunities for entrepreneurs, more positive vibes, and, of course, more Skyline Chili for your munchies. Happy toking, pals!