Grow Your Own Cannabis


Here at Old Pal, we celebrate the circle of life through the bountiful cannabis grown by cultivators we work with — from seed, to maturation, to final harvest. It’s all about the connection to plant and planet, and this 420 we wanted to give you the opportunity to experience this for yourself with our special Grow Your Own Kits created with help from with our friends at Ladybug Farms.

Kits are available in one powerful auto-flowering hybrid variety, Tri-Cross. The plants are around 28-40 days old and already half grown when they get to you from a select dispensary or delivery service in California. While the pot pros at Ladybug Farms have set you up for growing success with nutrient-rich soil and a happy plant, you’ll need to give your new buddy a healthy dose of sun, water, and love to reap the rewards (which should flower in 4-5 weeks).

With the help of Ladybug Farms, we put together a special list of tips and tricks to help your new plant thrive, giving you the tools to cultivate and enjoy your very own Old Pal flower. Happy growing, pals!

If you’re in California, these pals can get you set up so you can start your growing journey.
Hurry, supplies are limited!


High Now Delivery - SOLD OUT
Captain Jacks - SOLD OUT
Tropicanna - SOLD OUT
Shangri La Care Centers - Ojai
Flora Verde - Vista
The Roots Dispensary - Lompoc


Dreamy Delivery - SOLD OUT
Hollister Holisitics - SOLD OUT
The Diamond Bonsai - Oakland
CBCB - Berkeley
Vallejo Holistic Health Center - Vallejo

That’s right, cannabis plants love music. So we curated a special 420 playlist for you to pop on whenever you and your plant need a lift. Tune in, trip out, and let yourself grow.

Growing your own cannabis has many rewards. It teaches you love, patience, kindness, and awareness for all that life has to offer. Have fun, stay positive, and make sure to share your growing adventure with us @oldpal.

This is a cannabis product. This product has not been tested pursuant to the Medicinal and Adult-Use Cannabis Regulation and Safety Act. Grow and enjoy responsibly, follow all applicable laws, and keep out of reach of children.