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Cannabis Growing Tips

Growing weed may seem intimidating at first, but anyone can do it with the right amount of light, water, and love – especially with our new Grow Your Own Kits. Our special Grow Your Own autoflower plants have been planted in a way to set you up for success, thanks to our pals at Ladybug Farms. Because they’re already half grown and filled with nutrient-rich soil, you’re on your way to a blissful growing experience that will fill you and your home with many rewards. And even if you weren’t able to snag a Grow Your Own Kit, we hope this will give you confidence to try your hand at cultivating your own autoflower (legally, of course).

Whether you’re a doobie newbie or experienced gardener with the greenest of thumbs, these tips and tricks will help your plant thrive and give you a bounty of higher rewards.


Your cannabis plant loves to soak in the sun. So it’s important you find a location in your home or apartment where it can enjoy around nine hours of sunlight per day. Just remember, even though our plants are sun seekers, they also like to be cozy so bring them inside if a spring cold snap dips below 55-60 degrees.


With all that sun, your cannabis plant also loves a good drink. Regularly check the soil to make sure it’s not drying out. The best way to do this is to dip your finger about a half to a full inch into the top-soil next to the edge of the planter. If the soil feels dry, give your plant good soak with filtered water – just make sure not to overwater it. If you want more watering details, check out our in-depth guide to growing cannabis for a splash of inspiration.


Your plant already comes pre-charged with nutrient-rich fertilizer and will grow just fine. But if you’re looking to boost your yield with bigger blooms, you can purchase bloom nutrients from a local plant or hydroponic store.


Manicuring is important as it does two things: 1) shapes the plant to how you want it to look and 2) removes dying leaves or broken branches. Just don’t trim too much because this can cause extra stress on your plant. If you’re nervous about trimming, remember that your plant will do just fine on its own.


Pest management mostly applies to those of you growing outdoors – but they can sometimes happen indoors, too. Bugs can ruin everything, so keep your eyes out for three main enemies: thrips, mites, and caterpillars. Also, keeping the plant away from grass and bushes will help minimize the risk of exposure.


Similar to people, gentleness, consistency, and love go a long way. Feed and water consistently, trim carefully, and give it plenty of sunshine. Basically, be good to your plant and it’ll be good to you.


When you start to see the pistils turn from milky white to amber it’s time to trim. Snip the branches, clip them to a hanger and let them hang out for a few weeks. You can cure when the branches snap, not bend.


The final and most important phase is the cure. With this step, trim buds to your liking, plop them into a Mason jar and add a humidity pack. In just a few weeks, you’ll be ready to enjoy your own home grow!


That’s right, cannabis plants love music. So we curated a special 420 playlist for you to pop on whenever you and your plant need a lift. Tune in, trip out, and let yourself grow.