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Highly Recommended Pot Sounds: Jocelyn Romo

A smoke-filled room and the soft sounds of languid funk, seductive soft rock, and smoldering AOR float through the air, the sultry voices of these 70's ladies carrying you into the quiet hours. Light up this mellow blend and drift away.

Music’s Mary Jane Moments

There’s no debating that music and Merry Jane sing a similar tune; in fact, most genres wouldn’t even exist without some high-minded band members sparking up a doob before jamming in the studio or curing their stage fright with a little smokeable courage.

Highly Recommended Pot Sounds: Forager Records

Thoughtfully selected by Forager Records, this playlist of vintage music features misty folk, AOR grooves, & soft psychedelia for a heady trip into the woods.

Music for Plants

The human need for self-expression is innate. We’re not just talking about our general tendencies to fulfill our hierarchy of needs to survive and socialize but to also express ourselves in a creative way.

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