Green Wednesday with Old Pal

Celebrate Green Wednesday With Old Pal

As we roll into the holiday weekend, there’s something pretty awesome on the horizon, and no, it’s not just your aunt’s legendary Thanksgiving turkey. We’re talking about Green Wednesday – the 4/20 of Thanksgiving!

This is a day dedicated to stocking up on your stash and getting into the holiday spirit. So, as we gear up for this super green holiday, let’s dive into what makes Green Wednesday a day to circle on your calendar. 

Green Wednesday Origin Story

While 4/20 definitely takes the top spot for cannabis sales, Green Wednesday struts in as a close runner-up. Now, how did Green Wednesday kick off? As the tale goes, Eaze, a California cannabis delivery service, coined the term in 2016. They were stunned by the sudden cannabis craze just before Thanksgiving, and Green Wednesday just clicked. The name caught fire, and now, dispensaries are throwing a green fiesta with specials galore, much like they do on 4/20 and 7/10.

Since its inception, Green Wednesday sales have soared. Dispensaries have reported an 80% surge in sales, even surpassing those Black Friday figures. In 2020, Green Wednesday raked in $33.2 million, outpacing Black Friday’s $31.1 million. 

Green Wednesday shopping is a practical choice. Many retailers tend to lock their doors on Thursday (and maybe even Friday), making stocking up for the holiday weekend a smart move.

Thanksgiving often means family gatherings, which, let’s be real, can sometimes be a bit intense. Whether it’s dodging Aunt Sally’s rapid-fire questions or vibing with Grandpa’s timeless stories, a little cannabis buzz might just smooth things out.

And who knows, maybe this is the year that new family members will turn to you and say, “hey, let me know when you have the next safety meeting.” At Old Pal, that’s what we’re all about – bringing folks together and sharing the joy, one puff at a time.

Best Way to Celebrate Green Wednesday: Prepping for the Feast

First things first: those deals. Green Wednesday is your golden ticket to the best cannabis discounts out there. Just about every dispensary capitalizes on Green Wednesday discounts, so scope out your favorite neighborhood shops and peep the deals. Stock up on Old Pal Pre-Rolls or Ready to Roll flower to get you through the long weekend. 

You can catch the Old Pal crew making our rounds and celebrating with our budtenders at select dispensaries in Pennsylvania, Maryland, Illinois, New Mexico, and Massachusetts.

Old Pal Provisions is hooking you up with an unbeatable deal on our Chiller Bundle, featuring our Flower for Life mug and the coziest sweatshirt you’ll ever wear. It’s the perfect combo for creating a cozy home sesh, or diving into that Thanksgiving feast prep. 

Cook Up a Cannabis-Infused Storm!

Think of Green Wednesday as the pre-game to Thanksgiving – you’re back from scoring those deals, and it’s time to whip up some amazingness for tomorrow’s Friendsgiving or Thanksgiving feast.

Let’s talk about turning your kitchen into the heart of the holiday with some cannabis-infused magic. Cooking with cannabis isn’t just fun; it’s a fantastic way to bond and kickstart the holiday vibes. And guess what? It’s easy peasy.

Whether you’re doing a low-key night before the big day or getting things ready for a Friendsgiving gathering, Old Pal’s got your back with some mouth-watering canna-recipes. 

How about starting with some classic pot brownies? They’re always a hit. Or, if you’re feeling adventurous, why not spice up the table with a hearty cannabis-infused chili? And for a unique twist, check out this miso green bean casserole – it’s a game-changer.

Prepping these dishes the night before means you can relax on Thanksgiving Day, knowing your feast is ready to go. Plus, it gives those flavors time to meld and get even more delicious. So, grab your apron, and your best buds (pun intended), and let’s get cooking!

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