Lifted Spirits

Hi pals. We think it’s safe to say that we all could use some laughs right about now. After all, comedy can lift our spirits in times like these and we too are clicking through the silver linings to stay upbeat and positive. Lucky for us, we’ve got a ton at our fingertips and ways …

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Apart Together

“Apart together” is starting to feel really close as we hear more about the ways you’re coping at home, especially those who got their hands on some Old Pal. For those who haven’t, here’s a link to our delivery partners that are stoking you with a little smokable tranquility. As always, feel free to send …

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Keep Calm and Consume Wisely

Hi pals. It’s certainly an interesting time to be alive and we wish we were writing to you under different circumstances. The truth is, the impact of Coronavirus is knocking at our doors and we’re all admittedly a little uncomfortable and nervous about what it means long-term. First and foremost, we hope you’re all staying …

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Prints, Raymond. Prints!

Someone recently told us that we appear to adopt the strays—the footloose, feral and free. After all, what’s more iconoclastic than cannabis? It continues to fuel generations of disobedients and the sometimes dejected with their creative and revolutionary ideas. Needless to say, we took it as a compliment, especially since we heard this at the …

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Candidates on Cannabis

The 2020 Democratic primary election is in full swing and one of the hottest topics this year is weed. More specifically, the legalization of cannabis for all Americans. And as we move through the primaries and get closer to November, potheads everywhere are burning to know where the candidates stand on cannabis legalization. At Old …

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What is Shake Weed?

You’ve probably heard the term “shake” weed floating around your circle of stoner pals. Shake is unfortunately loaded with negative myths and connotations, as it’s the leftover leafy flower in the bottom of your baggie. While you may initially think these tasty little morsels are just ugly scraps and dust from your beautiful buds, they’re …

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A Day with Ryan Lovelace

Photos by Trevor King We spent a day with our Old Pal, Ryan Lovelace, last week. Originally hailing from the Pacific North-West, Ryan has transplanted himself into the California dream. Regarded as one of the last fully hand-shaped surfboard shapers in the industry, Ryan has built a name for himself in the surfing community. Ryan’s …

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Weed Terminology 101

Few things in the world have as many names as cannabis. If you’re not in the know, much of the terminology can feel like another language from another planet. In the past, many of these terms were often used as stoner code so people didn’t get busted by the authorities (or their lame parents). Much …

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Sea of Kin

Our pal, Joe Swec, recently showed some of his new work at Preacher Gallery in Austin, Texas. His show Sea of Kin features collaborative works created with his father and calligraphy works inspired by his late great uncle and grandfather. We were lucky enough to join him for the opening of the show and capture …

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