Classic Pot Brownies

Enjoy the sweeter side of life with Old Pal Classic Pot Brownies. This delicious take on the iconic stoner treat is crafted with high-quality Old Pal flower and the finest ingredients, offering you a dank delicacy that’s perfect on your own or with friends.

Baked to Perfection

These transcendent treats are rich, fudgy, and dosed for optimal enjoyment. Each brownie contains 20mg of THC in the entire brownie – portioned into 4 square pieces (5mg doses each). Your bliss is just a bite away.

Only in MA

While we want everyone to enjoy these brownies, they’re currently ONLY AVAILABLE at select retailers in Massachusetts. If you’re in the Bay State, click below to find our brownies near you.

Make Your Own Brownies

Don’t live in Massachusetts? We’ve got you! We partnered with Chef Wendy Zeng, winner of Chopped 420, to share a delicious recipe for pot brownies you can make at home with your favorite Old Pal flower. 

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