Old Pal Oil Products

We take pride in our natural, sun-kissed cannabis products. In light of the recent CDC warnings, events, and investigations, we want to reassure you that our oil products (cartridges + vaporizer pens) pass all testing requirements mandated by the state of California.

Our 510 and Gio cartridges contain naturally derived plant terpenes and clean cannabis oil. All of our processes and terpene ingredients are in accordance with the California Bureau of Cannabis Control. We DO NOT alter our formulations to control stability or viscosity.

When you buy an Old Pal Vape you can be sure you are getting the following:
– Plant terpenes
– Clean cannabis oil
– No Tocopheryl Acetate (E Acetate)
– No cutting agents
– No emulsifiers or synthetic agents
– All cartridges are phase 3 tested

We’re here to provide you safe cannabis that meets the highest standards.

And we hope you continue to support brands and products that are fully compliant and tested.