The Farm


The amount of time and care that go into growing a healthy cannabis plant is incredible. These plants are temperamental, require loads of attention, and also require a truly dedicated caretaker to make sure that all is well. Cannabis growers have risked their livelihood for the past few decades to cultivate these amazing plants, contributing to greater understanding of the plant’s abundant uses. True pioneers of a now blossoming trade.

We dropped in at one of the California farms that grows flower for Old Pal. The small farm is settled in a breathtaking valley in Humboldt county. Getting there requires a drive through redwood forests, down the Lost Coast, across a couple gorgeous rivers, and past golden meadows… not a bad commute.

On the farm, the plants or ‘ladies’ as they are kindly referred to as, grow happily under the sun inside their greenhouses. An assortment of plants grow on the property, including those producing Old Pal’s Indica, Sativa, and Hybrid varieties. “Each strain is different,” the grower tells us, “and requires specific care.”

Special attention is paid to the soil and temperature, ensuring quality growing conditions for each plant. “Growing these ladies organically, requires us to really pay close attention to them,” the grower explains. “They love attention.”

When the plants are ready, they are harvested and the flowers are hung to dry in the old barn. Soon after, they are trimmed-up, packaged, and sent off into the world. “Good flower has to come from a good place,” says the grower. “They need good soil and good air. Look around at this place, it’s clean and natural… that’s what these ladies need.”

Upon leaving the farm, it becomes clear how much love and work go into this product. Not just on the farm, but within the long history of this industry, that is still pushing forward into a new era of mainstream cannabis. So next time you roll up some Old Pal, say a quick ‘Thank You’ to all of the farmers and their dedication to such a beautiful ‘lady.’