Radical Rollin' Mamas


Mom's rule! After all, they gave us life and nurtured us into this world with the right amount of love, affection and tools to thrive through the most trying times. Our mothers are a safety net who always stood on the sidelines for the eventual scrapes and bruises or to be an ear to help mend a broken heart. We know them as keepers of the flame that burns bright inside us and a proverbial beacon of hope we can trust through thick and thin.

For most, they play the role typecast in a PG movie but a number of us are lucky to come from partying parents. We're not talking about the kind who go embarrassingly sideways on the holidays, but moms we can relate to who in their youth sported short shorts, smashed a few beers or puffed and passed to your dad and your fun-loving wacky aunt.

Yellowing photos tell that story in all its glory. Accounts like Old School Moms tease portraits of feathered hair and earth-toned jumpsuits that make us want to time travel and rip around in a jet black Corvette. We also look to our friend, Nahanni Arntzen who grew up a little more hippy dippy covered in the canopy of a Canadian reforestation project. Her matriarch not only shared a green thumb of a few varieties but nomadic tribal tendencies of family life in a tee-pee.

The Steffans, better known as The Family Acid, have a dad who not only trained his lens on "his ever revolving circle of friends and characters made up of rastas, beatniks, musicians, artists, gonzo journalists" but also his family. Of course, mom in those photos makes us nostalgic for a time we've never lived and romanticized an era that has come full circle; only now we can fully enjoy it in its full legal glory.

On this Mother's Day, we salute all the moms out there but especially those iconoclastic queens we'd all gladly hang out with today. If you've got a cool one, please hold her beer and share a classic photo of her in action.