Rad Tokin' Dads


A lot of thoughts come to mind when penning and ode to dear ol' dad. We've got so much love for the big guy who's often seen as the protector that tends to the family flock and the provider who brings home the bacon. We also look to him for strength and resilience; in fact, to be a rock meant those lessons came from hard-earned experience and our fathers' tendency to grab life by the horns and never give up without a fight.

Before sporting the beer belly and not-so-ironic mustache, dads were not only out riding wheelies on their motorcycles but sliding head first on their stomachs across home plate at softball games. A lot of us never got a chance to see them get bruised and battered, as our pops hung a lot of that up to fulfill the needs of the family but classic photos and boxes full of memories let those stories live on in infamy.

Lucky for us, we had a few friends share some snaps of their dads making vintage history by puffing a fat doob in celebration of just being a dude. Old School Dads also pours one out for fathers in all their glory years before parenting took priority over partying. They especially make dads with their hair down shrouded in a cloud of smoke seem like they're part of the Old Pal tribe.

On this father's day, we salute all the dads out there but especially those we'd all time travel to hang out with today. If you've got a cool one, please give him a hi-five from us and share a classic photo of him in action.