Positive Reflections & Higher Resolutions


What a year. If you’re anything like us, you probably started 2020 with high hopes and optimism until Covid turned everything on its head. We’ll never forget the level of uncertainty that descended on us like a bad weed hangover clouding even the simplest ways we navigate our days. But it didn’t take long before we noticed a beautiful shift towards togetherness and community.

Stay at home orders meant more time inside so naturally we gravitated towards life’s simple pleasures like reading a good book, testing out new recipes and when it was safe, we did our best to stay socially distant by getting outside to surf, hike or go off-grid in a communion with nature.

We also saw our friends and family get better acquainted while “together apart” turned into a global mantra of solidarity. A charged political climate also meant more civic involvement as many took to the streets to rally for a more fair and equitable future for Black people.

Outside of the bad news, there were plenty of moments to be thankful for and memories to cherish. We hope you felt the same and in light of your individual circumstances found moments of appreciation between the doom and gloom. We value you all as members of the Old Pal community and wanted to share some words of positivity from a few staff members and others who helped make 2020 more bearable and 2021 a year to look forward to with a renewed sense of gratitude and joy for what lies ahead.

“I’m thankful that creative storytelling and communication is more relevant and needed than ever. In 2021 we plan to orient LAND towards only working on projects that support the environment, consciousness and promote peace on Earth.”
- Caleb Everitt, LAND

“As difficult and trying as this year has been, the cannabis community is growing exponentially and cannabis has further proved to be such a vital medicinal plant in today's society. We couldn’t be more thankful to look back and reflect on all that we have accomplished thus far. It wouldn’t be possible without the dedication and commitment from our staff and the constant support from the cannabis community. Looking forward to 2021, we are hopeful to have more plants in our greenhouses, continued growth with Old Pal, and most importantly a healthy and happy community to work with and provide to.”
- Kinsley Bean, Ladybug Farms

“We’re most thankful for our family, friends and community of creatives that helped get us through this crazy ass time. In 2021 we hope for a sense of normality with safety, reconnections, providing more of a helping hand to those in need and success to all.”
- Glen Steigelman, The Station

“I'm most thankful for the team we have, they make executing in this ever-changing world possible. In 2021, I hope we see some sort of return to normalcy in the world, and that our team has opportunities to go back to creating amazing moments we can share in person.”
- Rusty Wilenkin, Old Pal

“With all the chaos in 2020, I am thankful for the opportunities I've had to share and publish the incredible experiences of women in cannabis across the country. I hope we all take time for reflection and actively participate in the healing of our country in 2021. "Better together" should be more than just a hashtag.”
- Tiffany Watkins, Old Pal

“I’m thankful to have a job doing what I love and that surfing has remained possible through it all. My hope in the new year is to travel, especially to see friends and family that I haven’t seen in a while. I’m hopeful that they’re not too scarred.”
- Mike Townsend, Album Surfboards

“I’m glad we were able to take the orange guy off the stage and begin to restore a little bit of sanity to the world. We are seeing a light at the end of the tunnel in the tragic era of COVID-19. In 2021, my hopes are for continued focus on the demands the people have made to leadership, holding them accountable to fight on behalf of humanity and the natural environment, not on behalf of corporate greed. Alongside of that, I’m hopeful for a lot of hugging, kissing, high fives, dancing closely, secret handshakes, communion, the celebration of the joy of humans coming together and being together.
- Ariel Stark-Benz, Mister Green

“Most thankful for the caring and dedicated workers in the cannabis industry and hopes for 2021 are for federal legality on cannabis change!”
- James Dickinson, THCSD