It’s Shaping Up


Equal parts artist, surfer, and surfboard craftsman, Reid Lyle Lingenfelter has carved out a nice trade to showcase his talent. Based in San Clemente, California, Reid crafts boards that are insanely beautiful and innovative. And watching him surf some of his fin-less creations will leave you thrilled and curious as to how he does it. Old Pal caught up with him and asked a few questions… here are some answers.

What is your relationship with the ocean?
It’s a place where I go to feel grateful and at ease, but at the same time a place to remember and expel my worries.

How does your work relate to your relationship with the ocean?
My work reflects who I am as a person and where I’m at in life. In a way the ocean has guided me to the place I am now.

Why do you shape surfboards?
There is nothing like making a surfboard from start to finish, and feeling every step till the final product. Then, being able to bring it to the beach for countless sessions. Functional art is my passion.

What is special about surfing for you?
It’s the only sport I can think of where people are still making 100% hand-crafted equipment. Surfing has a deep rooted craftsmanship that is different from any other trade. Also, there is nothing like adventure, and surfing is a huge provider of crazy travels.

What is special about the surf community? Are there any negatives with the community?
The plethora of characters you’ll meet in the surfing world is amazing. So many people with so many different views feeding off each other, and always improving the craft. It seems there is a lot of deceit going on in the industry, but that seems to be the nature of everything. I try to be honest and do the right thing; to make quality boards and bring the stoke to the water.

Dig your van. Any great adventures taken in it?
Man, I love this van. I call her “Betty White.” She’s a good girl not a straight shooter but definitely a cruiser. I’ve taken her all the way up through central California and northern California, back down deep into Baja…all in the search of waves. She’s rusted to hell, but that’s parking at the beach for you. I can’t see myself driving anything other than a van.

Check out more of Reid’s work @reid_lyle_dingusfelter
And more rad photos by Christopher @morleyrobert