Cosmic Collision Brand Odyssey


At ‘Old Pal’s Cosmic Collision Brand Odyssey and Liminal Launch’ guests from the Los Angeles creative community gathered to celebrate the launch of the classic shareable cannabis brand, Old Pal at 1700 Naud Gallery, also home to the cool clubhouse of Monster Children Magazine.

Old Pal is rooted in an aesthetic that harks back to the iconography of stoner culture that seemingly has never gone out of style. The experience was built out to not only convey a timeless era of consumption, but to also usher in a new age that normalizes a lifestyle that no longer exists in the margins of iconoclastic culture.

Light from custom neon signs cast an aura of nostalgia over the crowd while the live liquid light display from Stranger Liquids immersed everyone in the viscous vibes of a large scale lava lamp. A classic soundtrack provided by Reverberation Radio DJs pumped through the speakers and a performance by the bands, Blanco Niño and headliner, Drugdealer made the experience of time travel even easier as everyone puffed, passed and swayed to their nostalgic sound. Singer-songwriter Mac DeMarco even made an appearance validating the happening as the place to be.

The night epitomized the Old Pal lifestyle with pies provided by Pizzanista! inside limited edition boxes, a bar by Madre Mezcal, vintage arcade, LAND designed custom silk screened art by Hit + Run, various throwback installations like a hot-boxable VW van, display of Old Pal Provisions and plenty of shareable grass courtesy of Eaze, Old Pal’s premier delivery partner. Friends new and old truly made this a night to remember.

Photos by: Morgan Rindengan