Big Sur Rollable Vacation


There’s something about a road trip that allows you the time and space to appreciate the trip. To really feel the distance you’re traveling, and take in your surroundings as you push along back roads and super highways. Like a tailspin voyage with friends that brings you to great places, and shitty places, and everywhere in between. Yeah, you could fly there, but that’s not the point. The point is all the things that can happen between here and somewhere.

These photos were collected during a trip taken from Los Angeles to Big Sur. Our chariot: a 1983 VW camper van called “Lucy.” She doesn’t go fast, but she’s got some great charm. Four friends, one dog, a guitar, some mezcal, a few cameras, and some Old Pal, got us 700 miles. We hugged trees, bathed in freezing rivers, asked personal questions, got drunk and answered them, took some sketchy short cuts, ate some sketchy food, and almost died at least once.

It was worth the trip.