How to Store Your Weed

When it comes to weed storage, many stoners often take their containers (and elements) for granted. From plastic baggies, to tupperware, to a jar in the freezer, the techniques for weed storage are as varied as the cannabis strains themselves. And while many herbalists have their own particular rituals that work for them, it may not work too well for their beautiful flower. To put it simply: give your nugs a happy home and they’ll give you a bounty of rolling pleasure.

Below you’ll find some helpful tips on how to give your grass the optimal storage environment. If you recently purchased Old Pal flower, the handy resealable pouch is a great way to keep your buds fresh. But if you’re in the mood for something with a bit more personality, we’ve got you covered. With a little love and the right vessel, you’ll keep your weed fresh, flavorful, and extra happy.


We know it’s easy to leave your weed in places that get too hot or too cold (like your car or the freezer). But as we quickly approach summer, it’s essential you give your grass a comfortable home that’s not too hot or cold, roughly maintaining a temperature between 70º–75º F. Basically, keeping your cannabis stored in a cool, dry place will go a long way when you decide to roll it up for a good, quality toke.


Nobody likes hot and sticky humidity. And guess what, neither does your cannabis. Humidity control is vital to keeping mildew and other mold away from your precious flower, and many researchers suggest a relative humidity (RH) level between 59% and 63%. This will keep your weed as consistently fresh in terms of color, aroma, flavor, and potency.


Even though it’s grown in the sun, your cannabis doesn’t love the light once it’s in storage. Similar to the way your grass turns brown at the end of a hot sunny summer (or the faded paint on your old Nissan parked in the street), UV rays will degrade your cannabis over time. Keeping your weed out of direct light will maintain stability and make it safe to consume for months to come. Protect those cannabinoids at all costs.


Cannabis needs oxygen to grow and cure, but in storage it’s important to give it just the right amount of air. Too much, and you’ll speed up the degradation process as the cannabinoids and other organic matter are exposed to oxygen. Too little, and you’ll affect the relative humidity (RH). It’s all about balance and having the proper container – and no, plastic bags don’t count.

So what should you store your weed in?


Few storage containers combine aesthetics and functionality like a quality ceramic jar. Unlike other storage vessels, a ceramic jar can add beauty to your home while also helping to keep your grass fresh and tasty for many tokes to come. Our ceramic stash jar, designed in collaboration with SISTER CERAMICS, is the perfect way to elevate your storage, as it blocks out light, limits air, and helps maintain a sufficient temperature for fresh weed.


Not only are they great for pickling, beer, and to-go meals, canning jars are also excellent for weed storage. They seal out oxygen, aren’t affected by residual humidity, and are inert to temperature fluctuations. They are also relatively cheap and readily available at your local hardware store or local grocery store. Unfortunately, your air-tight jar can’t keep out sunlight, so if you go this route make sure to store your flower in a dark place like your cupboards or cabinets.


Be good to your weed and it’ll be good to you. With a little TLC, your cannabis will provide you with a universe of delightful rewards. And if you’re seeking some high-quality weed for your new stash jar, check out our stockists page to find Old Pal near you. Happy toking, pals!

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