Highly Recommended Pot Sounds: Claude Money and Johnny Stevens

DJs Claude Money (Sean Quinn) and Johnny Stevens (John Allen) are a part of the legendary Soulelujah crew. Soulelujah is a collective of DJs in the Boston area that specializes in soul and funk released on the 7-inch format. They have been rocking parties since 2003, currently still slanging sounds every Saturday night at the Sinclair in Cambridge, Massachusetts. https://open.spotify.com/embed/playlist/5JSEC6O6537sH9UqbQLyun?utm_source=generator

Claude and Johnny let us know that there are 33 tracks on this playlist, representing the 33 and a third revolutions per minute that your turntable utilizes to free your mind on the regular. A healthy mix of old and new rhythms, representing soul, funk, blues, latin and psych, we want the listener to stay curious and hopefully surprised. These are a few of our heavier tunes in heavy rotation.

As always, tune in, spread love and find peace ✌️