To celebrate palentine’s day we partnered with Christine Mai Nguyen on a playlist inspired by togetherness. https://open.spotify.com/embed/playlist/5jrm97ttpl2mJY1kozNnVO?utm_source=generator

Christine Mai Nguyen is a hobbyist living in Los Angeles with a wide range of interests from beauty, to ceramics, to music. She uses new media such as Instagram and YouTube to document and share her hobbies with the world. Christine has been active on YouTube for 15 years and have been fully freelance for 5 doing such things as DJing vinyl at bars and events, demoing product knowledge videos in the beauty industry, photography and ceramics as her “job”.

Christine shared with us this about the Pot Sounds playlist: “Some mellow tunes to whisper in the background as you and the one(s) you love spend quality time together. This playlist isn’t meant to steal the show or interrupt the conversation. Quiet dinner vibes, playing board games, a small picnic on your front porch if you know what I mean.”

So tune in, spread love and find peace ✌

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