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The Old Pal original Ready to Roll kits have everything you need for heightened adventures. Each kit contains quality pre-ground cannabis, crutches, and pure hemp rolling papers. Utilizing buds of all size and reducing overall bud waste, whole flower is coarsely ground for optimal smokability. Never shake, just pre-ground goodness. Convenient weed and less mess, perfect for rolling a joint or tucking into your favorite bong.

5 Gram Ready to Roll

Like a mini vacation in a pouch, the 5 gram Ready to Roll kit includes unbleached, hemp rolling papers, crutches, and classic pre-ground flower. Convenient and shareable, these handy kits make it easy to bring good vibes anywhere.

14 Gram Ready to Roll

These portable packs have everything you need to elevate any moment, anywhere. Each kit includes 14 grams of classic pre-ground cannabis, hemp rolling papers, and crutches – all packed into a handy resealable pouch.

Available in sativa, indica, and hybrid.

Where to Find Ready to Roll

Looking for the original Ready to Roll products at a dispensary near you? Check out our stockists for a complete list of shops and be sure to call ahead to check product availability.