Whip up these buzzy treats and pass around the positivity. Each sweet batch is dosed with 100mg of THC and makes 20 brownies. Just add eggs, butter, bake and enjoy.


The Benefits of Baked at Home

Simple ingredients: sugar, salt, baking powder,
and real cocoa.

Pre-dosed for optimal consistency and potency.

Perfect way to lift spirits this holiday, whether you’re
sharing with family or gifting as a stocking stuffer.

Simple, nostalgic, and highly enjoyable.

Baked Playlist

We partnered with our pals
at Summerland to create a
special playlist for relaxing at
home this holiday season.
Tune in and trip out!

If you’re not in CA or MA, we still offer the Fruit Fantasy Apple Pipe EVERYWHERE. Designed in collaboration with Summerland, this beautiful toking vessel is perfect for staying in and chilling out.